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Pros and Cons of Taking SAT Subject Tests

If you’re considering taking SAT Subject Tests, you may be wondering about the benefits and detriments. There are things to consider and it’s important to weigh both the pros and the cons before deciding on whether or not a Subject Test is the right choice for you. Pro: It Can Boost Your Application (Or Even …
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Tips for Managing Your Time on the ACT or SAT

The ACT and SAT exams are strictly timed. This throws many first-time test-takers for a loop, making them nervous, anxious, and worried about blowing one of the biggest and most important exams they’ll ever have to take during high school. The biggest mistake you can make is underestimating the importance of managing your time on …
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What It Takes To Get A Perfect Score on the ACT or SAT

Everyone would be happy if they could get a perfect score on the ACT or SAT. While high scores on these tests comes naturally to some people, it’s not the case for most. If you want a perfect score, you have to be prepared for it. Here’s what it takes to get that perfect number. …
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How To Choose Between The ACT And SAT

Colleges today accept both the ACT and SAT, which is great news because you can choose which test to take depending on your subject strengths and your test taking abilities. Ask yourself these questions when trying to decide whether to take the ACT or the SAT: Do You Have a Strong Foundation in Math? Math …
Take it easy - answer the easy questions first on the ACT or SAT

ACT/SAT Pro Tip: Start With The Easy Questions

With the SAT and ACT tests, time management is crucial. The exams are created in such a way that every second counts. Waste a few seconds trying to solve a difficult question and you will find yourself struggling to complete the section. Worse still, you are more likely to start getting frustrated and feel less …
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How to Study for Your Second ACT / SAT Test

Many students who retake the ACT or SAT earn a higher score the second time around. It’s a fantastic way to boost your acceptance odds and qualify for more scholarships, so you should seriously consider taking the ACT / SAT more than once. But how should you study for the second test? Should you change …
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Why You Should Take the ACT / SAT Practice Tests

If you have the ACT or SAT coming up, what are you doing to prepare? One must is to take the practice tests during your study time. Here are three reasons why this is an important preparation technique that you shouldn’t skip. Lets You Know What To Expect It’s one thing to hear that the …
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Why You Should Take the ACT / SAT Even If It’s Optional

Some college and universities actually don’t require you to take the ACT or SAT for your application or acceptance. However, even if your dream school is on the list of colleges that say the exams are “optional” it may still be in your best interests to take them. Here’s why you should still sign up …
Here are some tips on how to write a persuasive essay for the ACT

How To Make a Persuasive Essay on the ACT

During high school, you’re probably most used to writing an essay to prove a fact. You’ve probably written some though that focused on your opinion. That’s what the ACT looks for. They provide you with an essay topic where you have to write on your opinion and work on persuading the reader to see it …