How To Study for ACT/SAT Math You Haven’t Covered in Class

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It’s entirely possible there may be questions in the ACT or SAT math sections that you have no idea how to do. Many students don’t take geometry or trigonometry until their senior year, so this is a common issue. However, there are ways to prepare yourself for the math sections. Here are three ways to ensure you’re ready for your upcoming test date.

Work with a Tutor

One of the most obvious solutions to studying up on these missing math areas would be to work with a tutor. That doesn’t mean you have to work with a professional tutor either (though you’re more than welcome to!). You may want to ask a friend or family member for help. Just make sure they’re familiar and confident in these areas of math.

You can also ask your math teacher for extra help after school. Many are happy to give you extra instruction during these post sessions, so ask your current or former teachers if they’re willing to help.

Use Online Resources

If you don’t know anyone who can work with you as a tutor or want to make sure you get all the practice you can, you may want to turn to online resources. YouTube can provide plenty of videos that teach you these aspects of math and even give you examples to practice with. The website can be a great resource in general when preparing for the SAT or ACT.

You can also search for websites that give math instructions and help. Some will actually give you extensive education in trigonometry and geometry as if you were in class. Once you feel confident in these areas, try a few problems on your own to see how you do.

Study on Your Own

Whether you learn these missing math pieces with a tutor, online, or both, it’s important to study your work on your own. Use practice problems online and double check your work.

Also make sure to complete the questions in practice SAT or ACT tests. Review how you did just as you would the rest of the test. Did you do the math correctly or do you need a bit more work in the subject? Once you’re sure you understand these principles of math, take the full practice SAT or ACT to ensure you’re still working within the time limits.

If you didn’t learn some areas of math that are tested on the SAT or ACT, you’re not alone. Many seniors are still learning trigonometry and geometry by the time their test date rolls around. Working with a tutor and using online resources are great ways to ensure you’re prepared, but also make sure you’re studying on your own. Even if you’re not confident on your test date, it is okay to skip the questions or get them wrong. However, it’s important to try your best now so you can work on getting the best SAT or ACT score possible.

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