Should You Get a Tutor for the ACT/SAT?

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While the ACT and SAT scores are not the only criteria for getting selected into a college, getting high scores does boost your chances of getting accepted. The question then is, is it possible to achieve those all-important high scores by yourself or should you get a tutor?

SAT / ACT Tutoring

Advantages of Getting a Tutor

The biggest advantage of getting an ACT / SAT tutor is that they will first identify your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly help you develop a customized plan for managing your study time and preparing for the tests.

During your tutoring sessions, they will also monitor your progress and give you numerous personalized tips that will help you take the tests more efficiently.

Last but not least, a tutor will keep you motivated and hold you accountable for finishing all assignments and practice tests. This is particularly important if you find yourself struggling to stay on track.

Downsides of Getting a Tutor

While getting a tutor has several measurable benefits, the one major downside is that it can be very expensive. Most tutors charge by the hour and this can add up to a lot.

One thing to remember about getting a tutor for the ACT / SAT is that it does not guarantee success. Your tutor will guide you and give you tips but your success in the test will depend on how much hard work you put in.

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