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Myth: You Have to Take the ACT/SAT During the School Year

Consider a summer SAT or ACT test session ACT & SAT
The word “studying” is synonymous with school, so it makes sense that many students would assume the ACT and SAT are only offered during the school year. This, however, is not true. It’s actually a common myth that students have to take the SAT or ACT during the school year. Consider taking a summer SAT …
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All About SAT Subject Tests

Did you know that there are SAT subject tests that you can take on top of the SAT? ACT & SAT
You know about the SAT, but have you ever heard about the SAT Subject Tests? They’re another way to help your admission chances with colleges. Here’s everything you need to know: What are the SAT Subject Tests? Rather than testing you on a number of subjects like the SAT or ACT, the SAT Subject Tests …
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What to Do After You Take the ACT or SAT

What do you do after you've taken the ACT or SAT exam? ACT & SAT
Feels good to have the Big Test Day over and done with, right? The ACT and SAT exam take up a big amount of time, energy, and focus, so to finally take the test can leave many students feeling relieved. But what now? Celebrate and Relax First off: celebrate! You worked hard and you made …
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What Should You Do If You Get A Low ACT / SAT Score?

High ACT/SAT scores can boost your chances of getting accepted into the university of your choice. Scoring well on these tests is even more important if you are applying to highly competitive institutions, where every single aspect of your application will be weighed, including your test scores. Also, you can qualify for more scholarships with …
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Last Minute SAT Prep Tips

The countdown is almost done and the SAT is right around the corner. Coming down to the wire like this can be pretty stressful. But worrying doesn’t help—preparation does! So here are some helpful last minute prep tips: One More Practice Test If you have the time to squeeze in one last practice test, do …
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When to Change Your Answer on the ACT / SAT (And When Not To)

In a perfect world, you would never second guess your answers, especially on the SAT or ACT. ACT & SAT
In an ideal world, you’d never second guess your answers. It’s a great feeling when you bubble in your answer and you know, for sure, you’re right. However, it doesn’t feel as great when you’re not certain, when you’re flipping-flopping between A or C, or you think question 43 might be wrong—maybe. That uncertainty can …
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Pros and Cons Of ACT / SAT Study Groups

There are benefits and downsides to being in a study group. ACT & SAT
Not sure whether joining an ACT/SAT study group would help you perform better on your test? Weighing the benefits and downsides of an ACT/SAT study group will help you decide if this is the right option for you. Pros of ACT / SAT Study Groups: Keeps you motivated and accountable Helps you stay focused and …
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The Importance of Knowing the ACT / SAT Test Format

Two SAT papers and two pencils on the desk. ACT & SAT
When studying for a test, you probably focus on the material, right? The actual content you’ll be tested on. If it’s a US History test, you’ll study dates, memorize key people, and read about important events. But the ACT and SAT aren’t “normal” tests. You won’t just study the tested material in preparation, but also …
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What to Do the Day Before Your ACT / SAT Test

What are you supposed to do the day before your SAT or ACT test? ACT & SAT
The months and weeks have gone by and you find yourself on the eve of the big test. So, what are you supposed to do the day before your SAT or ACT test? Don’t Cram or Over-Study This may seem counter-intuitive, but you honestly shouldn’t study that much the day before your SAT or ACT …
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