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How to Study for Your Second ACT / SAT Test

Student studies for her second ACT test ACT & SAT
Many students who retake the ACT or SAT earn a higher score the second time around. It’s a fantastic way to boost your acceptance odds and qualify for more scholarships, so you should seriously consider taking the ACT / SAT more than once. But how should you study for the second test? Should you change …
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Why You Should Take the ACT / SAT Practice Tests

A student taking a practice test ACT & SAT
If you have the ACT or SAT coming up, what are you doing to prepare? One must is to take the practice tests during your study time. Here are three reasons why this is an important preparation technique that you shouldn’t skip. Lets You Know What To Expect It’s one thing to hear that the …
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Why You Should Take the ACT / SAT Even If It’s Optional

The ACT SAT scantron ACT & SAT
Some college and universities actually don’t require you to take the ACT or SAT for your application or acceptance. However, even if your dream school is on the list of colleges that say the exams are “optional” it may still be in your best interests to take them. Here’s why you should still sign up …
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How To Make a Persuasive Essay on the ACT

Here are some tips on how to write a persuasive essay for the ACT ACT & SAT
During high school, you’re probably most used to writing an essay to prove a fact. You’ve probably written some though that focused on your opinion. That’s what the ACT looks for. They provide you with an essay topic where you have to write on your opinion and work on persuading the reader to see it …
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How To Save Money on the ACT and SAT

A piggy bank and jar full of coins inside. ACT & SAT
Between taking the SAT or ACT (or both) and preparing for them, you may be worried about the cost. Currently, the SAT without an essay is $47.50 and with the essay is $64.50. The ACT is $50.50 without the essay and $67 with the writing section. On top of these costs, prep classes and tutors …
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Calculator Tips for the SAT Math Section

Black calculator close up. ACT & SAT
You should never attempt to take the SAT without a calculator, but not any old calculator will do. There are some tips and things you should keep in mind when preparing for the exam (and on the test date). Here are some calculator tips to remember for the SAT: Bring The Right Calculator Bringing the …
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