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Your Secret Weapon for Taking the PSAT

When taking the PSAT and SAT, every bit of advantage helps. The PSAT can help qualify you for a scholarship and the SAT can help you get into your dream college. It’s no wonder students want the best scores they can get on these standardized tests. But one secret weapon you may have not realized …
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3 Tips For Every Underclassmen to Boost Their ACT & SAT Scores

Every fall, a few eager students approach me, interested in test prep well before junior year. Middle school students, freshmen, and sophomores are often anxious over what’s coming down the road. That means they want to get a jump on the work. “If I take your course now just for practice, is that ok?” they …
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FREE Resources for ACT/SAT Test Prep

There’s no doubt about it, the ACT and SAT are incredibly important tests. With so much potentially riding on your score—college admittance, scholarships, potential jobs or internships, and more—you’ll want to be as ready as possible when test day comes. And even if your dream school has gone “test optional,” it may still be a …
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9 Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety and Crushing the ACT or SAT

Test anxiety is something that many college-bound students experience. Even though test scores are just one piece of the college admissions puzzle, many students worry about taking the SAT and ACT. For many students, anxiety comes from low confidence. The best way to combat low confidence before a test is to prepare. Here are some …

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