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When's the best time to take the SAT subject tests?

When You Should Take SAT Subject Tests

The SAT subject tests are designed to make you stand out during the college application and admission processes. Set yourself up for success. Start early in your high school career and make a 4-year test schedule. You’ll want to avoid taking the ACT, SAT, and SAT subject tests all within one semester. So make yourself …
A good mindset can really help your study session. Tell yourself "I can and I will"

SAT Subject Tests: How Many Should You Take?

Each SAT subject test is an hour long, multiple choice test. In those 60 minutes you have the opportunity to show potential colleges/universities your strengths and interests.  YOU get to pick which of the 20 subject tests you want take. How many should you take? How do you choose? There are 3 big factors to consider …
Here are some last minute test prep tips that can help you out.

5 Last Minute SAT/ACT Test Prep Tips

How much time should you spend on test prep for the ACT or SAT? The answer to that question depends on the type of learner you are and how you study best. Everyone has their own preferences and test prep strategies for studying. Some start studying weeks or months in advance, while others study the …
how to study for the sat

5 Tips for Studying for the ACT/SAT During Spring Break

So you’ve decided to tackle studying for the ACT or SAT during spring break. Kudos to you! In an effort to prepare yourself for this feat, you’ve searched for a few tips to help you be successful–and here you are. So here they are: 1. Make a realistic schedule Set a goal for yourself, but …
Here are 12 tips for taking the SAT / ACT.

12 Tips for Students Taking the ACT/SAT

Most schools will ask you to submit scores from either the ACT or SAT as part of your application. Other schools are going away from using standardized test scores as part of your admissions profile. Make sure you check the requirements at the colleges you’re interested in applying to before deciding which test to take. …
Here's what you need to know about the new SAT essay

New SAT Essay: It’s Now Optional!

One question, completely optional: That’s the new SAT Essay. If you have read my other articles about the pieces of the new SAT, you’ve probably noticed a trend. The test sections have all been redone to reflect a “college assignment” kind of feel. It’s all about the “real world”, and it’s no different with the …
How do you prepare for the new SAT writing and language test?

Here’s What You Need To Know for SAT Writing & Language Test

The new SAT writing and language test consists of 44 questions to be answered in 35 minutes. This is about half of the time allotted in the previous version (60 minutes) but only 5 fewer questions. That means the question/time ratio has gone from 73 seconds per question to slightly less than 48 on the …