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ACT Science Section Study Guide – What You Need to Know For the ACT Science Section

Here's what you need to know for the ACT science section of the test ACT & SAT
Composed of 40 questions, the ACT science section gives students 35 minutes to complete it. Three types of questions make up the 40 questions: Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. For each type, students receive a short passage containing all the necessary information to answer the questions. Passages may be descriptions of experiments, graphs, …
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New SAT Math Test Prep: Here’s What You Need to Know

Here's what you need to know for the new SAT math section ACT & SAT
The new SAT math section has been entirely revamped. There are now 54 questions to be answered in 70 minutes. Much like the language section of the SAT, the math test now requires test takers to utilize problem solving skills with real world applications. This means that there might be multiple steps required in order …
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New SAT Reading Test Prep: An Overview of What You Can Expect to Encounter

What should you expect on the new SAT reading section? ACT & SAT
The new SAT reading test is first in the two-part Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, as the name implies. Test takers will have 70 minutes to answer 67 questions. These questions are said to resemble those you would encounter in your average “lively, thoughtful, evidence-based discussion”. Which means, to me, “questions a professor might ask …
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5 Online SAT Test Prep Resources

SAT vocabulary words, which are available on SAT test prep websites. ACT & SAT
By now, many of you have heard that there is a new SAT coming to town. While there are some major changes taking place, much of the test will remain similar to previous versions. But what does that mean for studying? The good news is that there will be no more memorizing lists of obscure …
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ACT Reading Test Prep: What You Need to Know to Crush It

A teacher reading a book at a sandy beach during summer. ACT & SAT
Students reading this guide to test prep for the ACT Reading portion are probably asking themselves (either literally or rhetorically), “How the heck do you study for a reading test?” Of course, this is a common issue. Many students struggle with how to properly prep for the ACT Reading section. Should students just read more to prepare? …
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ACT English Test Prep: What You Need to Know to Crush It

Studying for the ACT English section ACT & SAT
The ACT English portion will test your reading and writing abilities. Students will be asked to read and make corrections to a number of passages. Sometimes no changes will be needed, other times there will be subtle grammatical or syntax errors that need to be addressed. When preparing for this portion of the test, it’s important to …
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ACT Science Test Prep: Key Concepts You Need to Know

Here are some key concepts you need to know for the ACT science section ACT & SAT
The ACT science section can be an interesting test of skills for students. While some may expect that it’s focused on the specifics, like the bones you learned in Biology or the elements you learned in Chemistry–and there is some of that–the bulk of the science section is actually focused on applying scientific thinking and scientific principals to …
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ACT Math Test Prep: Here’s What You Need to Know

Here are some ACT math test prep tips for you on your test day! ACT & SAT
It’s the spring semester of your junior year–April to be exact. Bright and early one Saturday morning you wake up, head to your testing site, and begin to mentally prepare yourself. The next three hours of your life will be spent filling in bubbles and wracking your brain for things you learned way back during …
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