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5 In-Person SAT Prep Classes

A lot of SAT test prep is done online nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a class offered in a good old-fashioned classroom setting. Typically, if the in-person setting is what you’re after, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Having said that, I understand if you’re the kind of person that …
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When Do SAT Scores Come Out?

You’ve studied for what seems like forever, read up on all the test-taking tips, and owned that SAT test–all you have to do now is wait. But for how long? When do you get to see the fruits of your labor? When do the SAT scores come out? The answer: It depends. Each of the …
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Why Students Should Take Test Prep Courses

When test day arrives, students will line up by the masses, clutching sharpened #2 pencils and bottles of water, stomachs filled with butterflies. Every student that enters the testing area will be experiencing some form of anxiety, some small mental roadblock that they will need to overcome in order to be successful. They will need …
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The New SAT Test Dates

There was a surprise on the list of 2017-2018 new SAT test dates released by the College Board. A late summer test date is now offered for both the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. This change follows the popularity of the September ACT test date introduced several years ago. It is expected that the August …
What SAT or ACT scores do you need to get into Harvard?

The ACT and SAT Scores You Need to Get Into Harvard

To say that it’s tough to get accepted into Harvard University is an understatement. This Ivy League school receives about 35,000 applications every year from around the world and their acceptance rate is 4.7%. That means, for every 100 applicants, less than 5 are successful. With such a low acceptance rate, Harvard is one of the …
Test optional schools don't require standardized test scores.

What You Need to Know About Test-Optional Colleges

Bowdoin College was the first college in the U.S. to make the submission of standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) optional in 1969, but they were hardly trendsetters. It was not until forty some years later that over 800 other colleges and universities followed Bowdoin’s lead and are now either test optional or “test flexible”. Understanding the …
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Boston College SAT and ACT Scores: What You Need to Get In

Interested in attending Boston College? You’re not alone! BC receives over 23,000 applications a year from students all over the globe. Of these applicants, about 34 percent are accepted. Boston College requires an ACT (with writing) or an SAT score before considering your application complete. If you take SAT subject tests, BC will consider those …
How do you qualify as a national merit scholar? Take the PSAT

How To Qualify As A National Merit Scholar

If you’re like many college hopefuls, you’re looking for any possible source of scholarship money to help you fund your higher education. In your search, you may have heard of a program called the National Merit Scholarship–you may have even taken the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test! But what exactly is the National Merit Scholarship, and …
You should take the PSAT for these four reasons

4 Reasons to Take the PSAT

It happens that the “P” in “PSAT” officially stands for “preliminary,” but it could just as well stand for “preview” or “preparation.” And you should take the PSAT! The PSAT offers students an opportunity to sharpen their skills in preparation for the actual SAT. The test is understandably held at a level of importance high …
Here's how to get your student ready for the SAT and ACT test.

How to Make Sure Your Student is Ready for the ACT/SAT

So you’re the proud parent of a high school student. Lucky you! Between the endless hours of carpooling, doing laundry, and constantly asking if your student has their homework done, you’re also aware that these four years are kind of pivotal in your child’s life. Within the next couple of years, your baby is going …