How to Pick the Best SAT / ACT Dates for You

Woman holding calendar with text: How to Pick the Best SAT / ACT datesIs it time to start seriously thinking about your SAT or ACT? One thing you’ll want to remember to do is to give real thought to your SAT or ACT dates. It can be done easily through the College Board or ACT websites, but you want to be sure you pick the right date for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it’s time to pick that test date.

Find One that Works for You

First, the most obvious thing to do is find a date that works for you. You don’t want to pick a test date when you already have a vacation, event, or something else planned for that weekend. 

You won’t always know your schedule this far ahead of time, but definitely do your best to make sure you don’t have to change it in the future. Both the SAT and ACT will charge you for changing your test date after you registered.

Choose an SAT or ACT Date Well In Advance

One of the best things you can do when choosing an SAT or ACT date is finding the perfect one well in advance. This gives you time to properly prepare for your exam and focus on your weaker areas within the test. You’ll know exactly the type of schedule you’ll have to complete to be ready for your test date.

You also don’t want to wait and find that the test date that was perfect for you no longer has spots. Finding your SAT or ACT date sooner rather than later will ensure you have the date you actually want.

No, There’s Not an “Easier” Date

A persisting myth is that there’s a few dates per year that are “easier” than others. The second you try to research this, however, you’ll see that nobody agrees on when that mythical date is. In truth, there’s no easier or more difficult testing day.

Don’t Choose Your SAT or ACT Dates Too Late

You want to make sure you give plenty of time between your test date and when your college application information is due. This will ensure your school receives your information in a timely manner. If they don’t receive your test results, you could receive a letter declining admission.

Plan Your Retakes Accordingly

Also, you want to be sure you have time to retake the SAT or ACT if you choose. Starting to take the exams in your junior year will give you a whole year to retake the exams if you’re not hitting your goals or would like to see how you can improve. Many students plan to take the test multiple times. Studies show that even one retake can improve your score now that you know what the test is like. 

It’s not difficult to choose your SAT or ACT dates, but you definitely want to be sure to get a move on sooner rather than later! Waiting could have consequences on your score as well as your admission chances. It’s far better to be prepared.

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