FAQs About the ACT / SAT Registration

Do you have questions about registering for the ACT / SAT? Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions about registration:

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How do I register for the SAT or ACT?

Registering for the ACT and SAT can be done online. If you’re wishing to take the SAT, you should head to College Board to make an account. You will be asked to provide information and a photo. Make sure you take note of the information they tell you to bring with you on your test date and also print out your admission ticket.

If you’re wanting to take the ACT, you would go to the ACT’s actual website. It will ask for similar information but also request high school details.

You can also register by mail for both the ACT and the SAT or register by phone for the SAT, but it is much easier to complete it online.

How much is the ACT or SAT?

The SAT and ACT have slightly different prices. Without the writing portions of the exams, both the SAT and ACT cost $46. However, if you choose to take the essay on the SAT, it will be $60. On the ACT, you can opt into the writing portion, which will cost you $62.50.

You can pay both of these fees right online and at registration, or potentially get the fees waived. Extra fees may be added if you register by mail or phone or if you wish to change your test date at a later time.

When is the cutoff date for registration?

The cutoff date for registration for either exam depends on the actual test date. For the ACT, on-time registration is usually about a month to five weeks prior. The SAT is about a month before.

If you want to take the April 4, 2020 ACT, you should have your registration in by February 28. There are other test dates available on June 13, 2020 (due date of May 8) and July 18, 2020 (due date of June 19).

Upcoming test dates for the SAT are May 2, 2020, with registration due by April 3, and June 6, 2020 (due by May 8).

Always check the cutoff date for registration to ensure you have your details in on time.

What happens if I register late?

It is possible to register late for an SAT or ACT, but there will be a fee. The SAT usually allows you to register for the exam up until a week or two prior to the test date. The ACT window is less generous and most late registration deadlines are about three weeks before the exam. These deadlines may be earlier if you are registering by mail.

The late fee for the SAT is an additional $29 and the ACT is an additional $29.50.

Registering for the ACT or SAT is easy! If you have any questions or problems that arise during your registration you can talk to your high school counselor or contact ACT or SAT directly.

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