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Students studying for the ACT / SAT so they can boost their ACT / SAT scores

What You Need To Know About ACT / SAT Superscoring

When it comes to standardized tests, simply spending time on practice tests and getting a high score isn’t enough. There are several other factors that you will also have to consider to get the maximum value from tests and to make your scores work for you. First, you have to decide which four schools to …
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Why “Cramming” Doesn’t Work for the SAT and ACT

If you have an SAT and ACT coming up, you might think it’s a good idea to just “cram” the few days and nights before, rather than studying the weeks prior. You may even believe you can just look over everything the evening before and be good to go. This isn’t a solid plan and …
Student memorizing math formulas for the SAT exam

Why You Should Memorize SAT Exam Math Formulas

For many students, the math section is the most dreaded part of the SAT exam. The fact that the math formulas are provided on the test paper offers some degree of relief and hopefully one less thing to worry about during test prep. Before you rejoice at the news. You should know that it’s strongly …
Student studying and learning how to take a test

9 Helpful Standardized Testing Tips

Standardized tests are designed to be tricky. Colleges will expect you to rise to the challenge of the ACT and SAT. Studying is important, but so is understanding the format of the tests. With the ACT/SAT, you may have to relearn how to take a test, since they’re quite different than a typical school exam. …
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Improve Your ACT and SAT Scores with Method Test Prep

It goes without saying that the ACT and SAT are a pretty big deal in the college world. It’s more than just another benchmark. Your ACT and SAT scores can affect your acceptance odds, qualify you for scholarships, and even open up the doors into honors programs. With all that on the line, it pays …
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What To Do If You Get a Low SAT or ACT Score

If you take the SAT or ACT, it can be discouraging to receive your test results back and find you scored low. Luckily, it’s not the end of the world, especially if you took one of the earlier testing dates. Here’s what to do if you get a low SAT or ACT score. Sign up …
A broken pencil which is one of many common ACT/SAT prep mistakes

All Too Common ACT/SAT Prep Mistakes

When it comes to the ACT and SAT, studying is important. However, many students make mistakes when it comes to preparing for these exams and these errors could impact their final scores. Here are four ACT/SAT prep mistakes you’ll want to avoid as you get ready for your standardized tests. ACT/SAT Prep Mistake #1: Not …
Essay papers - there are things to avoid on the ACT essay

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the ACT Essay

You know what you need to focus on, but do you know which things to avoid in the ACT essay? Sometimes during the ACT the essay section, students inadvertently do things that cause them to lose points. Luckily many of the mistakes are easy to avoid if you know about them. Here are some things …
Homophones are the bane of most students.

Know Your Homophones for the ACT or SAT

The English language is just full of tricky challenges. What are homophones? These are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have completely different meanings. Which is why it’s important to know your homophones for the ACT or SAT. Yes, homophones are the bane of most students at any time of the …