What Is ACT Aspire?

Test scores really do play a big role in helping students get accepted into the college of their choice, especially if that college also happens to be highly competitive. Preparation can be daunting, even for teachers and parents. This is where ACT Aspire may be able to help.

What Is It?

ACT Aspire is a learning tool linked to the ACT, the leading college entrance exam in the US. Students can study and practice for the test through a variety of study guides and programs. It is the first longitudinal assessment that connects students with a variety of readiness benchmarks for not only college, but also for workplace readiness as well.

What Does It Measure?

By using ACT Aspire, a student can see where their academic strengths and weaknesses lie. Teachers can use the ACT Aspire in a similar manner, by helping students focus on strengthening those weak areas. It can also help teachers identify students who may be at risk for later academic difficulties.

Can It Help Students with the ACT?

Yes! It can accurately predict how students may score on the ACT. It also delivers evidence-based results, which teachers can use with their students to encourage them to work on their weak areas.

Schools and districts all over the country use ACT Aspire to expand growth and help students reach their full potential.


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