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Many students, while they’ve heard of the ACT or SAT, have never heard of SAT Subject Tests. Therefore, there are many questions high school juniors and seniors will have about these exams. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions surrounding the Subject Tests:

What Are the SAT Subject Tests For?

The SAT Subject Tests are used to determine your expertise in a particular subject. These scores can then be sent to your potential colleges along with your application. For particular majors or courses, the Subject Tests may be requested or even required. It can affect your placement once you start to attend college. Do your research into your plan of study and double check with the college in case they are required to be accepted to a program.

Usually, you are not required to send your Subject Tests scores to each college. You can pick and choose which you want to send where. And if you’re not satisfied with a score, you don’t have to send it. You even have the option to retake the test for a better result.

Even if they aren’t recommended or required by a college, you can still use these to supplement your application and give your acceptance chances a boost.

Can the SAT Subject Tests Be Used for Anything Else?

These exams actually can be used for more than your college applications. In New York, for example, students are required to take the Regents, standardized tests in certain subjects. The SAT Subject Tests can be used as a substitute for these in some cases.

Other states, if you’re taking a Language test, can grant you bilingual certifications.

What Subjects Are Included?

There are five subjects and topics available in the subjects. Mathematics includes Math Level 1 and Level 2, Science has Biology E/M, Chemistry, and Physics, and History has US History and World History. English has Literature.

Language tests are also available. Some exams are with listening, while others are without. The languages included are Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Latin, Modern Hebrew, Korean, Japanese, and German.

How Do I Sign Up for the SAT Subject Tests?

You can sign up for the SAT Subject Tests through College Board. You will need to register for an account, enter your information, and create a profile. The registration fee is $26 and is for the test date. Additional SAT Subject Tests cost $22 each and Language Tests with listening costs $26.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Test?

Each Subject Test will require you to bring your ID, admission ticket, and two pencils. If you’re taking a math course, you can bring an approved calculator. For Languages with listening, you will need to bring a CD player.

What Do I Need To Do For Test Day?

You should be at your test center by about 7:45 am. The doors will close at 8 am with the test beginning at either 8:30 or 9. Seats are assigned and you receive two breaks, five minutes each.

Good luck!

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