SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 1

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One fantastic way to give your college app a boost is by taking an SAT Subject Test. These additional tests highlight academic skills in certain areas that the standard SAT test can’t show.

There are two Mathematics subject tests—Level 1 and 2. Let’s talk about the former.

Mathematics Level 1 Overview

Level 1 primarily focuses on geometry and algebra concepts that you’ve learned in math classes during your high school years. If you’re going into a STEM field, or even majoring in Mathematics specifically, this test is an ideal one to take.

Math Level 1 Breakdown

The Mathematics Level 1 test is an hour long, with 50 multiple choice questions, and is worth 200–800 points. A calculator is permitted.

Math Subjects on the Test:

  • Numbers and Operations — 10–14%
  • Algebra and Functions — 38–42%
  • Geometry and Measurements — 38–42%
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability — 8–12%

Prepping for the Test

To best prepare for the Math Level 1 test, review your own algebra and geometry notes from class. If you can borrow a text book, that’s great too. See if a teacher would be willing to give you practice tests and quizzes.

The internet is another great source for practice, review, and refreshers. Do plenty of relevant work sheets, hone in on which areas need more work. The College Board also has a number of excellent practice resources focusing on this test in particular, so be sure to check out their guides and practice tests.

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