SAT Subject Tests: US History

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Why be standard when you can excel? That’s the concept behind the SAT Subject Tests. Beyond the regular exam, the subject tests allow students to show off their academic prowess with specific subjects.

It’s a great way to earn bonus points on your college applications, and potentially boost your acceptance odds to the schools you’re applying to!

US History Overview

The US definitely as a unique and rocky history to it. If you find the story of our nation fascinating—and maybe are even considering majoring in history—this test is for you. You’ll need to know about historic events, cause and effect relationships, know a bit about geography, and be able to interpret maps, charts, and even political cartoons.

US History Breakdown

The test has 90 multiple choice questions that you must answer in 60 minutes.

Not only will this test cover different topics, it’ll cover various time periods as well:

US History Topics:

  • Political History: 31–35%
  • Economical History: 13–17%
  • Social History: 20–24%
  • Intellectual and Cultural History: 13–17%
  • Foreign Policy: 13–17%

US History Time Periods

  • Pre-Colombian to 1789: 20%
  • 1790 to 1898: 40%
  • 1899 to Present: 40%

Preparing for the Test

There are a number of ways you can prepare for this test. Brushing up on old class notes is one way, having tutoring sessions with your history teachers is another. The College Board offers some free prep materials as well.

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