SAT Subject Tests: Biology E / M

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Going above and beyond the standard is a sure-fire way to earn extra kudos on your college application. One way to do that is by taking an SAT Subject Test. These bonus standardized tests not only show your dedication to academics, but allows you to highlight your passion and skill in a certain area.

Biology E / M Overview

There are technically two tests when it comes to Biology. Biology Ecological and Biology Molecular (E / M). You’ll have your choice of test, but some of the tested material will overlap—so we’ll cover both in one post.

Biology E focuses more on biological communities / populations, while Biology M focuses more on cell structure and biochemistry.

If you’re planning on majoring in STEM, Biology, or any of the more detailed subsections related to them, then taking the Biology E / M test is a great idea.

Biology E / M Breakdown

There are 80 multiple choice questions in these tests, with an hour to complete it all. 60 of these questions apply to both E and M, the remaining 20 questions are specialized to either test.

Topics in Biology E

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology: 15%
  • Ecology: 23%
  • Genetics: 15%
  • Organismal Biology: 25%
  • Evolution and Diversity: 22%

Topics in Biology M

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology: 27%
  • Ecology: 13%
  • Genetics: 20%
  • Organismal Biology: 25%
  • Evolution and Diversity: 15%

Prepping for the Test

The questions you face on the test should look familiar to material you’ve been taught in Biology classes during your high school years. Still, it’s ideal to brush up on older topics or refresh your memory on some trickier content.

Review your Biology notes and textbooks, ask a Biology teacher if they can give you a review session or work sheets. Take online practice tests too. The College Board has several helpful resources to prepare.

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