Must-Have Materials for the ACT/SAT Exam

Three pencil head and dirty white eraser on a white background.

Flickr user Steven Lilley

Students are likely so-focused on studying for the ACT/SAT, taking practice tests, brushing up on old school material, and reading up on test-taking strategies that they may overlook another important element in regards to the ACT/SAT: what they need to bring with them to the test.

Preparation is key, in fact, over-preparation is even better. So here is a list of all the things a student should bring to the exam classroom on the big day.

Must-Have Materials for the ACT/SAT Exam:

  • Photo ID (current school ID, driver’s license, or passport are the most common)
  • Printed admissions ticket
  • Several freshly sharpened no. #2 pencils with good erasers
  • A small pencil sharpener
  • An extra eraser
  • A calculator with new batteries (certain calculator models are restricted)
  • Extra batteries
  • A watch (with NO alarms set)
  • Snacks and drinks (ONLY for your allotted breaks)

It’s a good idea to keep this checklist handy, and to gather up the materials early. Students should be able to focus on the important things, like pumping themselves up for the test, while also being well-prepared.

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