How to Hype Yourself up Before Taking the ACT/SAT

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You’ve studied for months and the day is nearly here. It’s time to officially take the ACT or SAT. You may be stressed leading up to the event, but it’s important to keep perspective, especially the morning of. Here are some ideas on how to hype yourself up before you sit down to take either exam.

Listen Your Favorite Playlist

Although you can’t bring your cell phone into the testing room, you can most definitely put your favorite playlist on it to listen to before you head inside. Whether you play the songs at home or in the car right outside, the music provide a huge boost to your mood and determination.

Feel free to put your favorite songs on there a few times to get yourself really ramped up! A good frame of mind can help reduce the stress of taking the exams.

Lucky Items

You have your favorite playlist set up for the morning of, but you might want to do something just a bit more to be ready the day of the ACT or SAT. It could be something simple such as wearing your lucky socks, your favorite shirt, or a good luck charm you’ve had since you were five.

Plan for Fun

After the test, you’re done! Even if you’re planning on retaking the exam in the future or you’ve taken the ACT, now it’s time for the SAT, you can always squeeze in a bit of celebration and rest before it’s time to hit the books again. Planning for something fun after you’ve completed the exam gives you something to look forward to and can help you approach the test in a happier mood.

Consider heading out to lunch with your family, hitting the movies, or planning to spend an evening playing video games at a friend’s house. No matter what you choose to do, you’ve earned it!

Take a Walk

Exercise has been shown to improve test scores by helping memory and alertness. Taking a walk or a jog the morning of your test can make you wake up and stay alert for the next few hours that will be spent in the exam room. You’ll also be working off any excess stress, steam, or anxiety you’re feeling caused by test day jitters.

Consider also combining the jog with your favorite playlist to really enjoy the time before the SAT or ACT begins.

The morning of the SAT or ACT can be a stressful time, but even simple things can lead to enjoyment and get you ready to take the exam you’ve studied months for. Whether you’re listening to your favorite song, wearing your lucky socks, or taking a jog just before you head inside, you can be sure you’re heading into your test with a clear mind and good attitude. Good luck and congratulations for when it’s time to put that pencil down.

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