When Will ACT / SAT Scores Be Released?

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After taking the ACT or SAT, you may be wondering just when the ACT or SAT score release dates are? Thankfully, in most cases, you don’t have to wait for long. However, there aren’t actually any specified ACT or SAT score release dates! Here’s a short guide to how the results are released.

When are SAT Test Scores Released?

SAT scores generally start to be released about 13 days after you sat for the exam. However, this is a guideline rather than a hard rule. It’s important to note that it may take as little as 10 days or up to 19 days to learn your results. The timeline actually depends on when you actually took your test as well as your locale. SAT Subject Tests also tend to be released around 13 days after your exam.

You will first see your results from the multiple choice part of the exam and your overall result. If you chose to sit for the essay, this score will take longer to appear. You can usually expect to see this number about 5 days after your cumulative score was released.

When are ACT Test Scores Released?

The ACT follows a similar timeline to the SAT. Students can expect to see their multiple choice score between 10 to 14 days after they take their test. Exam scores are only released weekly at 1 am Eastern. If your score isn’t available yet, you will have to wait for the following week. Test results are usually released on Wednesdays and Fridays, so these are the best days to check.

If you took the ACT with Writing though, you do have to wait a bit to see your results on this portion of the test. You can expect to see how well you did about 2 weeks after you receive your multiple choice score, so about a month after you sat for the exam.

It’s important to note though, in some cases, your ACT score may be slightly delayed. This doesn’t always indicate a problem however as some students have to wait up to eight weeks to receive their results.

Receiving your ACT and SAT Scores May Take Longer If You’re Outside the US

If you’re taking your ACT or SAT exam outside of the United States, you may have to wait longer to see your results. When it comes to the ACT, for example, you may have to wait about three weeks instead of two.

You’re no doubt anxious to receive your SAT or ACT score after taking the test. Sitting for the exam is nerve wracking enough, but thankfully you usually don’t have to wait too long for your results! Following these guidelines can help you find your score as soon as its posted. If you haven’t received your SAT results after a few weeks or you haven’t seen anything about your ACT score after eight weeks, you may want to reach out to CollegeBoard, the hosts of the SAT, or ACT to make sure there isn’t a problem with your exam.

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