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Why the Ivy League Isn’t Right for Everyone (From an Ivy League Student)

One very thoughtful high school senior has been solicited for his college admissions advice almost endlessly after being accepted to an Ivy League college early action. Emil Friedman writes articulately about some of what is so incredibly flawed about the way students and parents view our broken college admissions system. Mr. Friedman talks about the misplaced …
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Why College Admissions Won’t Be Changing Any Time Soon

Recently, there have been a number of articles and announcements that seem to say that college admissions are changing. More colleges are going “test optional” and more colleges are calling for changes in the way college admissions works. Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education recently released a “ground breaking” report called Turning the Tide: Inspiring …
Does caffeine actually help you study better
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Liquid Productivity: Does Caffeine Help You Study Better?

If you’re a student, chances are you’ve tried using caffeine to help you study at least once. According to a 2012 FDA report, American adults consume approximately 300 mg of caffeine per person, per day. The amount dropped considerably, to 100 mg per day, for teenagers and young adults. I wonder how much this number …
So many things happen during your freshman year, but what's a myth and what actually happens?
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10 Myths About Freshman Year of College

We have a few myths to cover. Ten, in fact. Starting with how your move-in day is supposed to go and your potential relationship with your roommate. Next, is it actually fine to skip class and party all the time? Then, the dreaded freshman 15, and whether that’s seriously a thing or not. Following that, …
Does late-night cramming in your room actually work?
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Does Cramming for a Test Really Work?

We’ve all done it. It’s Thursday night and you remember that you have a unit test in Physics tomorrow morning–time to cram. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school or college. If you’re a student, chances are pretty good you’ve waited until the last minute to study for a test. But does cramming for …
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5 Best Colleges with Non-Traditional Schedules

The typical college, academic schedule of classes consists of two semesters–18 weeks each for both fall and spring. During these two semesters, students usually take somewhere around 4 courses with each class lasting the full 18 weeks (not counting PE electives). Eventually, someone out there realized that not all students like this particular schedule of …
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10 Study Habits to Break BEFORE College

Study habits are made in high school and for some, come pretty easily. In college, you may find that you need to tweak those habits as courses and schedules may be more difficult. Professors will expect you to think critically, analyze information, and defend an opinion. Studying hard will be important to your success. If you …