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student life

13 of The Weirdest College Traditions

There are strange things happening at college campuses across the country. Students are nailing their shoes to trees, howling at the moon, and kissing statue’s bums with no one giving these weird pastimes a second thought. From the outside looking in, there is no way to explain these odd acts. But, college traditions are a …
Here are the 10 best college music festivals.
student life

10 Best College Music Festivals

One of the most amazing aspects of going to college is the availability of new experiences for students. Through on-campus organizations, leadership opportunities, classwork, and events, colleges aim to help broaden students’ horizons. Many colleges across the country throw festivals as a way to celebrate all of the hard work that their students do.  Over …
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Science Says Playing Video Games Can Make You Smarter

Take a second and list all of the stereotypes you can think of relating to video games. You probably came up with some like gamers are lazy and anti-social or gamers are bad at school. We’ve all heard the negative stigma associated with digital gameplay—true or untrue—but what about the positives? How can video games …
5 study hacks proven by science and how they work
tips tools & advice

5 Study Hacks Proven by Science (and Why They Work)

Through college, I got a lot of advice from professors and fellow students on a bunch of study hacks. Some of the study hacks I heard sounded crazy to me. Like the students who stayed up all night reading chapter after chapter in a textbook or writing papers. I like my sleep too much! Eventually, …
Ever wonder which US states students flock to go to college?
college news & trends

Map: States Where Students Move (and Leave) For College

Ever wonder which US states students flock to go to college? It’s probably not where you expect. Students aren’t all migrating to warm weather or coastal US states (although many of them do pick up students each year). Instead, Rhode Island, North Dakota, and Vermont are the states that picked up the most students, according …
Students walking at the University of Maryland.
affordability & college cost

The Costs of Transferring Colleges

Students can transfer schools for all sorts of reasons –another college has a better program, they weren’t clicking with the environment, etc.– but whatever the cause, all transfer students face similar challenges with their move. Whether it’s financial or academic — what’s the real cost of transferring colleges? The benefits of transferring colleges: Given the …
Part of college admission is meeting the faculty and developing relationships with your advisors.
student life

College Admission and Survival Advice from 5 Counseling Experts

There’s a lot of great college advice out there, but sometimes it can be a little scattered. So we went straight to one of the best sources for tips, tricks, and information about college admission and campus life — counseling experts. There are two types of college counselors. The first type helps high school students …
Photograph of trophies, representing college rankings
college comparisons

5 Things Most College Rankings Won’t Tell You

As students begin to search for a college, one of the first places many look at are college academic rankings–which schools are the best? Rankings can definitely be useful (we have our own, in case you missed them), but they also offer a lot of limitations. After all, it’s impossible to rank something that’s as …
Two college counselors sitting together on their laptops.
questions & answers

Should I Hire an Independent College Counselor?

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Is world peace possible? What is the meaning of life? While the question about hiring a college counselor is not nearly this philosophical, it can often garner just as much heated debate, and like the philosophical questions listed above, there really is not a right or wrong …

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