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Cornell Art Museum
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8 of the Most Incredible College Art Galleries in the U.S.

Since the 19th century, colleges have collected art to display in their own art gallery for the enrichment of their students. Even more so, there are nearly 680 of these galleries in existence today in the US. Additionally, many college galleries rival the nation’s best public museums. Almost all college art galleries are open to …
Best college town burger joints: A burger and fries from Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage
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The 15 Best College Town Burger Joints

There is something that feels right about enjoying a delicious hamburger in a college town. Maybe it’s the monotony of dining hall food that makes burger joints so popular around college campuses, or maybe it’s just tradition. Whatever it is, it’s basically a requirement that college towns have a restaurant where you can get a …
Frank Gehry designed the Weisman Art Museum.
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7 Mind-Blowing Campus Buildings Designed by Architect Frank Gehry

Frank O. Gehry is one of the world’s foremost designers and architects. His unique style is unmistakable, and it’s especially obvious when one of his sparkling, futuristic structures is erected on a college campus full of historic, ivy-covered steeples. Known for impossible shapes and curved surfaces, his works often look like something right off the set of …
Information and statistics about the colleges attended by NFL players in the "Big Game".
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Super Schools 2015: An Analysis of the Colleges Represented on the Field of the NFL’s “Big Game”

We analyzed the players on each team in this year’s “Big Game” and found some interesting stats about the colleges they attended. Most represented colleges at the “Big Game”: Rutgers – 4 players University of Oregon – 4 players University of Wisconsin-Madison – 4 players Texas A&M University – 4 players Stanford University – 3 …
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Senate U 2015: Where the 114th U.S. Senate Went to College

As the 114th US Senate settles into what is sure to be a term full of political stand-offs, we took a look at the colleges that awarded our senators their undergraduate degrees. Many of the nation’s top colleges and universities have a long history of educating our country’s legislators, and this Senate class is not …
Myrtle Beach sunset, near the Coastal Carolina University campus.
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8 Stunning Nearby Colleges – Campuses on the Beach

If you’re seeking a college campus that has a lot of degrees to offer–as in, warm weather–then look no further. Here’s a list of 8 U.S. college by the beach campuses that look more like a beach resort than your typical campus: Beaches Nearby Colleges 1. Flagler College Location: St. Augustine, FL Located in the …
Johns Hopkins University also has one of the best college libraries.
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10 of the Most Amazing College Libraries in the US

Need some inspiration? These incredible libraries will make you want to spend your time studying. Whether you’re into high-tech collaborative study spaces or cathedral-style reading rooms, you’re bound to want to do some learning after looking at this list. Here are 10 of the best college libraries in the US: 1. Joe and Rika Mansueto …