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Applying to college can be challenging, and so we at College Raptor feel it's our duty to make that process as easy, smooth, and rewarding as possible. We work hard to clarify dense material, dispel myths, uncover information, and help you learn what you need to know!

Misconceptions About The ACT And SAT

A hand is holding a magnifying glass over a bunch of text that says "facts." ACT & SAT
Few tests cause as much anxiety as the ACT and SAT. Unfortunately, far too many common misconceptions about these two tests result in students focusing on the wrong things and losing out on some terrific opportunities. Knowing the truth about the ACT and SAT tests is crucial to avoiding making mistakes that could cost you …

Why Do Colleges Require an Application Fee?

Why are there college application fees? questions & answers
Most colleges in the US require students to pay college application fees. With an average of around $40 to $50, the cost of applying to multiple schools can quickly add up. This can pinch your pocket real hard especially when you are already exploring loan options to cover your tuition. So why exactly do colleges …

5 Things You Can Do To Make Your College App Stand Out

There are things you can do make your college app stand out college applications
When assessing applications and shortlisting candidates who are a good fit for their college, admissions authorities look for more than just academic grades. While your transcripts may be a key criteria, colleges also want to know who you are beyond academics. Are you a good leader? What is the extent of your social and community …

Understanding the 4 Different Types of College Deadlines

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Submitting your application within the deadline is the single most important part of the admissions process. Taking the time to put together an outstanding application, complete with a brilliant personal essay and impressive recommendation letters is futile if you do not send in your application on time. Very few colleges if any will even bother …

3 MORE College Admission Myths

Here are three more myths about college admissions. myths
There are far too many college admissions myths doing the rounds. Unfortunately, they send many students in the wrong direction. Spending too much time doing things that do not matter means less time doing things that do matter. Below are some myths about college admissions that are just that and nothing more. Myth #1 – …

How to Appeal an Admissions Decision

Here are some tips on trying to appeal an admission decision. college admissions
Receiving a rejection letter can be a tough blow, more so if you are very keen on attending that particular college. You know you meet all of the college’s selection criteria and more. You’ve gone to great lengths to put together an outstanding application that was sure to impress the admissions authorities. So what went …

Things You Need for Your Ivy League Application

Ivy League schools are incredibly hard to get into college applications
Do you dream of applying to an Ivy League School?  Studying in these prestigious schools is the ultimate dream for many students, and while getting accepted is not impossible, these colleges do ask for a lot. They look for the best of the best, which means your application has to be super-impressive in all respects. …

Calculating The Cost Of College Loans

student loans
For many families, taking a loan is the only way to make up for the deficit in funds after exhausting all other sources for free financial aid and scholarships. While taking a loan does help bridge that gap between the total fees and your available funds, it is important to understand how much you will …