Four More Ways To Boost Your Acceptance Odds

It does not hurt to take time to read about and implement as many strategies as you can to increase your chances of getting into college. Here are four more tips that you can add to the original tips we’ve published on how to boost your acceptance odds.

Raise Your GPA and Academic Rigor

This may go without saying, but a higher GPA equals higher acceptance odds. The harder you work in your classes, the more it will pay off. But to impress admissions officers, you’ll need more than just good grades. Academic rigor plays a vital role too. Rigor refers to the difficulty of the classes—like AP, dual credit, or IB courses.

Take The Standardized Tests Seriously

How big a role do ACT/SAT scores play in the admission process? It is really worth spending time on acing these tests or is it sufficient to just get ‘good enough’ scores?

Here’s something to think about if you are planning on cutting short your ACT/SAT prep time. Not only do most colleges take the ACT/SAT into significant consideration, ACT/SAT scores also affect your eligibility for outside scholarships. The colleges may also use scores as a deciding factor when comparing two equally qualified applicants. It really does pay to take standardized tests seriously and spend enough time preparing for them.

Spend Time Volunteering

Why should volunteering impact your college admission? Colleges are much more than just schools. Their goal is to nurture future generations that are caring and committed to giving back to their communities. Spending time volunteering shows them that you fit into that vision, and will be a great member of their own community.

Work Towards Gaining Recognition In Your Choice Of Extracurricular Activities

One way to boost your chances of getting into college is by doing something that helps you stand out from the competition. Earning recognition is your choice of extracurricular activities is one way of doing that. Whether you excel in arts, athletics, technology, or design, submitting proof of recognition in your field is sure to impress any college admissions committee.

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