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5 Fabulously Easy College Scholarships for All Kinds of Students

Scholarship applications and essays take a lot of time to complete. Each requires a specific set of criteria and generally requires new and original content specific to the scholarship. Applying for these scholarships can get tedious. Generally, scholarships ask for long essays. The application process also feels monotonous. However, these five fabulously easy college scholarships …
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7 Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students

Scholarships are as diverse as the student body and there are several that are dedicated to LGBTQ+ students. Below, we’ve listed 7 that may be awards you qualify for and should consider applying for.  1. Collin Higgins Youth Courage Award Amount: $15,000 Deadline: TBD  Collin Higgins’s movies featured characters who always stood up to adversity …
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College Scholarships for High School Juniors

It’s never too early to start looking for scholarships to help cover the cost of college. The earlier you start, the more opportunities to earn some free money towards tuition, books, and other college costs. And, hey, every little bit can help! Applying for college scholarships for high school juniors is a great way to …
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8 College Scholarships for Women

With every passing decade, the number of women enrolled in college increases. Where women were once given the option of nursing or teaching, they are now able to choose from every major under the sun. However, as options have increased, so have tuition costs. Here are some great scholarship options for women. 1. SWE Scholarship …
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7 College Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students

Finding scholarships can often feel like shopping for jeans. There are a plethora of options, but it’s hard to find the ones that work specifically for you. Additionally,  some jeans may look like the perfect choice. However, a person must do more than just look at the jeans to determine if they are the perfect …
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9 Incredibly Unique Scholarships

They say that there is a scholarship for pretty much anything. From grades to specific majors, to certain states and schools, there are thousands of scholarships available to students. But each of those categories is pretty common. What about the more interesting scholarship options? Here are 9 of the most unique scholarships out there. 1. Duck …
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10 Interesting Scholarship Facts & Stats

Scholarships are free money* that the federal government, colleges and organizations of all sizes offer students to help pay for college. Scholarships may be awarded for academic accomplishments, athletic achievements, community service, ethnicity, or a number of other reasons. Some scholarships are one-time only while others are recurring. Scholarships are a great way to help …
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Scholarship Statistics: Where Most College Scholarships Come From (INFOGRAPHIC)

Let’s talk about college scholarship statistics. You’ve probably heard about them from your high school counselors, parents, and potential colleges, but what exactly are they? What do they do? How do they help? What is a scholarship? Essentially, scholarships award students “free money” to cover parts of their college education. Students don’t need to pay …

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