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Understanding Prior-Prior Year FAFSA Filing and What It Means for Students and Parents

The federal government has come up with a wonderfully confusing new name for something that actually simplifies the financial aid process. Let me try to make it easier to understand. Historically, students and parents have used income information from the last full calendar year on financial aid applications (FAFSA). In other words, you used the …
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Should I Hire a College Essay Coach?

Should you hire a college essay coach? questions & answers
There aren’t many rising high school seniors who enjoy the process of writing the college essay, but, let’s face it, it is a necessary evil. Happily, you don’t need to go it alone on the journey to write your college essay. But how much help should you have? How much is too much? Should you …
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Should You Apply Early Decision or Early Action When Financial Aid Matters?

How does early decision and financial aid interact with each other? questions & answers
Many students and families make difficult decisions when choosing whether to apply Early Decision or Early Action. Particularly, what kind of financial commitment are you making by applying during one of these windows? What if the college doesn’t offer you enough financial aid to make it an affordable option? How does the relationship between early …
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One New Secret Weapon for Students Taking the PSAT

psat exam ACT & SAT
As you (probably) know, change is coming to the SAT and PSAT. While the first new SAT will make its debut in March 2016, the new PSAT makes its debut this month. And, included in this new PSAT (which you should be taking!) is one change that is significant to your benefit if you answer …
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What Colleges Look For In Students: GRIT

Colleges are looking for prospective students with grit. college admissions
Some four-letter words could get you in trouble; they might earn you detention or garner a reprimand from your parents. However, there is a particular four-letter word that is actually quite appealing. Not only do colleges want you to say this word, but they also want you to demonstrate it, embrace it, and live it. …
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6 FREE Resources for ACT/SAT Test Prep

Student pencils in multiple choice answers on their ACT exam. ACT & SAT
There’s no doubt about it—the ACT and SAT are incredibly important tests. With so much riding on your score—college admittance, scholarships, potential jobs or internships, etc. You’ll want to be as ready as possible when test day comes. And sure, there are lots of options for prep out there, like tutors, online courses, practice tests, …
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