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Getting Your Master’s Degree in Education Online? Professors Weigh In With Their Advice

Here's some advice to those getting their online masters degree in education online colleges
In recent years, online classes and degree programs have been gaining in popularity. They have gone from one or two classes at one or two campuses, to entire institutions of higher learning located online. One of the largest areas of growth has been in Education. For teachers with an undergraduate degree, an online masters degree …
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Switching Careers: 7 Giant Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re considering switching careers, then there’s no doubt that you’re probably a bit scared. Making the jump from one career to another can be a great choice. It can help you advance, earn more, or find a rewarding job where you feel fulfilled. But, none of that diminishes the fact that the actual act …
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The Real Truth About Ivy League Admit Rates

Ivy League admission rates college admissions
Fair warning: This post may make you reconsider some of the colleges on your list. The most selective schools in this country are actually even more difficult to get into than you previously thought. Believe it or not, the meager Ivy League admission rates published by the schools can be misleading. “How so?” you may …
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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fill Out Your Student’s College Applications For Them

Don't fill out your student's college application for them college applications
You’ll need just a little background before I tell you about a curious phone call I recently received about a student’s college applications…we have lived in this community long enough for me to know a significant number of my child’s peers since they were in pre-school. I know the school hours for my local high …
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How to Change Careers (Without Ruining Your Life) – 11 Steps to Success

Is a career change staring you in the face? Whether you’re looking to change directions because of a change in circumstances, for more opportunity or better pay, or just to chase your dream job, you’re likely feeling just one thing: Fear. Sure, there is a ton of excitement welling up inside you–the prospect of finally …
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Regionally Accredited Online Colleges: What Does It Mean If a College is Regionally Accredited?

When looking at colleges, one very important factor is the school’s accreditation. Accreditation is the process where an outside body evaluates and gives seals of approval to colleges. It indicates that the college has met the criteria of the accreditation process. U.S. accrediting agencies grant regional accreditation throughout the country. Six in total, that cover …
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Going Back to School: 5 Critical Questions to Consider

The decision to leave school or simply not attend in the first place is made for a multitude of different reasons. For some, it’s a lack of funds to continue their education. For others, it’s a lack of motivation or drive to finish. And for others still, it is the realization that what you’re studying …
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