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Four pictures representing college majors: leaves, science beakers, books, and numbers.
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What’s a Double Major?

While studying up on different college majors, you may have come across the term “double major.” That essentially means pursuing two degrees at the same time. Unlike, pursing a minor (which involves completing approximately 18 credit hours), pursuing the double major involves completing all the required classes and credits you would need in order to …
As a parent, there are some do's and don'ts at college orientation.
college admissions

Do’s and Don’ts: Parents at College Orientation

College orientation is usually a surreal experience for both students and their parent(s). While you’re trying to situate your mind on how the next four years will play out on this campus, you’re also trying to process the ton of information tour guides are saying. As a parent, understand that your kid may be taken …
A row of beige bookshelves.
college search

Universities vs. Community Colleges: Pros and Cons

Anytime we discuss higher education, the conversation of whether or not attending a community college vs a university is better comes up. There is no real answer to that because none of us have the exact same goals. What can be said though is that whichever one you choose, it will be up to you …
There are a few things I wish I would have known before college.
tips tools & advice

What I Wish I’d Known Before College: 6 Things

As a senior about to graduate high school, I harbored tons of angst about college based on my teachers, peers, family, and the rest of the universe’s constant reminders of how important and serious college is. From SATs to college research and never-ending cafeteria conversations about scholarships and application processes, I was more than sure …

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