What Does it Mean to Double Major in College? Should I Do It?

What is a double major?

Students pursuing a double major will complete two sets of degree requirements, and earn one bachelor’s degree when finished. This means students can pursue two fields of study. Some students use double major in related fields that support each other–like Business and Finance. Other students have two different fields of interest that they want to pursue–like Psychology and Literature.

Why double major?

Most will agree that having a double major makes you more competitive when entering the workforce. It allows students to focus on two disciplines, related or unrelated, simultaneously. About 25% of all undergraduate college students double major in their bachelor’s degree.

Which two majors?

Choosing a major can be a long process, and choosing a double-major is twice the labor. It is important to choose a primary major first, to give yourself a guide to what your second major will be, even though they both will require equal attention. Think about how the two will complement one another. As a Media Production major, I would assume another major in Marketing because the two fields overlap naturally, but marketing is also where I want to apply my creative skills. Someone else’s second major may be Sports Management because that’s the field they want to apply their media production skills. Try and pick two majors that you are interested in and will want to invest your energy into, but also pick two that could have some overlap in the course requirements.

Choosing the right pair of majors is all about your ultimate goals and what you want your career to look like. A second major helps you shape and refine your professional journey.

How will I manage stress?

Maintaining two majors could possibly take a toll on the amount of stress you deal with and affect your grades in the long run. Before you take on the double major be sure you realistically map out your classes and any other extra-curricular activities that you’re a part of. How many hours will you take every semester? Will you enroll in summer courses? Is it practical to try to stay within the four-year graduation plan?

Also, stay in communication with your advisors for both majors because those relationships will be paramount to your success. If you do decide to go for it, start early to save yourself some strife.

What do I get from this?

While you will certainly gain self-gratitude and praise from friends and family once you complete your degree, you also want to have a tangible goal within your ambitions. Some people pursue double majors to increase the chances of attaining their dream job by narrowing their education to a specific position. Others do so as a back-up, for fear their first major won’t work out. Another reason may be simply because you are genuinely passionate about two completely different disciplines and want to explore them.

Don’t just do it for the glory after graduation because it looks good on a resume or. Make it useful, otherwise, you won’t be making the most out of your experience.

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