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ACT vs SAT: Comparing the Two Exams

The ACT vs SAT—the Big Two. To take the ACT or the SAT is one of the biggest steps for high school students to get into college. Students typically take weeks, if not longer, prepping to take the tests. The process involves attending review sessions, taking practice tests, and studying the material. Why is the …
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8 Awesome Organizations that Help Low-Income Students Get to College

Nowadays, college degrees are more important than ever. Data estimates that 65% of job offerings require at least an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. And with college grads averaging a salary double than that of their non-degree-holding counterparts, getting that higher-level education is essential. But getting into, paying for, and graduating from college is also no easy …
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9 Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety and Crushing the ACT or SAT

Test anxiety is something that many college-bound students experience. Even though test scores are just one piece of the college admissions puzzle, many students worry about taking the SAT and ACT. For many students, anxiety comes from low confidence. The best way to combat low confidence before a test is to prepare. Here are some …
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Why Test Scores Matter in College Admissions

Test scores still matter. Even as more colleges are going test-optional, they are still very important in college admissions. In addition, just because a college does not use test scores when making admissions decisions, they may need test scores for other reasons. Here are seven ways they are used in the college admissions process: 1. …
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Why Volunteering Matters for College Admissions

Among the many questions I field regarding the college admissions process, one of them is among the most popular: “Is it important that I do volunteering work while I am in high school?” The short answer is: Yes, it does matter. However, like many things in the admissions process, there is more substance to that …
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How Many Times Should I Take the ACT or SAT?

First: There is no magic number for how many times a student should take the ACT or SAT. For some students, taking the test once may be enough. Others may need to take the test twice or even three times. There are no penalties for taking the tests multiple times or choosing to take both …
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Should I Take IB Classes in High School? How to Determine if International Baccalaureate Courses Are Right For You

International Baccalaureate, or IB, classes, are a bit like AP classes, but not entirely. It depends on a lot of factors if you should take an IB class in high school. We’ll highlight those factors below. Students may be confused when they have the opportunity to choose between IB and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Here …