9 Common BBA Jobs (Bachelor of Business Administration) to Consider

They say that there are thousands of bba jobs for people with bachelor’s degrees, and it’s true! Once you have a degree, you can go (just about) anywhere. A bachelor of business administration (BBA) is an especially versatile business degree. BBA students can opt to take a broad approach and cover the many aspects of business administration. Or, they go for a niche approach.

Either way, a bachelor of business administration can prepare you for numerous careers. Here are 9 examples of careers you could get with a bachelor of business administration degree.

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Accounting icon1. Accountant

Accountants are good with numbers, detail-oriented, and enjoy helping others. They work with individuals and companies to make sense of their money and taxes and prepare financial documents. In addition, they give advice and develop strategies for future financial decisions, and audit current bookkeeping and expenses.

In 2022, the median wage for an accountant is $73,560 and the job market for this position is projected to grow about 6% from 2018 to 2028. Students that wish to become an accountant can also choose to pursue degrees in accounting, business management, auditing, and taxation.

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Finances icon2. Financial Advisor

BBA students can also choose to be a financial advisor after graduation. Much like accountants, financial advisors ensure the financial health of people and companies. What a financial advisor offers can vary from individual to individual. Some will assist with taxes, but others do not. Others will only offer tailored financial plans to people or businesses. Financial advisors can manage money, help you invest, or understand financial risks.

Personal financial advisors, also known as certified financial planners (CFP) and wealth advisors. As of 2022, the median advisor makes just shy of $90,000 a year. However, the amount you make will depend on the services you offer. Employment for this position is expected to grow 7% between 2018 to 2028.

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Marketing icon3. Marketer and Marketing Managers

Marketers plan, direct, and coordinate marketing efforts for businesses. They determine the demand for goods and services and develop a strategy to maximize profits on those goods and services. Marketers also oversee the development of products and track trends within the business’ target markets.

Marketers can also work in advertising or other creative and media fields, including graphic design, social media marketing, radio marketing, commercials, and more. Marketing managers in particular can make around $142,170. Other degrees aside from BBA include retail management, international marketing, marketing, and marketing research.

Commodities icon4. Commodities Trader

Also known as financial services sales agents, commodities traders buy and sell commodity contracts on behalf of a firm or an individual. Commodities can be anything from oranges to shoelaces, and they are bought and sold as futures, options, and other financial derivatives. Individuals who opt for this career are organized, detail-oriented people with a solid understanding of economics and business.

This career goes under a number of different names including broker, investment advisor, stock broker, and personal banker. The field, however, is only expected to grow about 4% by 2028.

Human resources icon5. Human Resources

People who work in human resources ensure the safety and happiness of a company’s employees, and also work to protect the company’s interests. Human resource managers work to hire new employees, maintain employee records and policies, counsel and discipline employees, mediate problems, handle payroll, and create the schedules.

If you’re interested in a career in human resources, or HR, with your BBA degree, you can opt to be a human resources manager, human resources specialist, and human resources assistant. As an assistant, it’s worth noting that many can get into this career with no college or only an Associate’s degree. Other majors for this career choice include labor studies, human resources, and psychology.

Loans icon6. Loan Officer

Loan officers work in banks and lending companies. They evaluate, authorize, and recommend approval or denial of loans to people and businesses. They generally have a solid finance background and are also good with numbers and money. Loan officers work to protect the interest of the financial institution they work with, whether that be a car dealership, a bank, a credit union, or another organization. Loans can range from real estate to commercial to personal.

Other titles in this field include commercial bankers, financial aid officers, or mortgage loan officers. If you’d like to become a loan officer, you can major in business administration or finance. The median salary (as of 2022) is $63,960.

Real estate icon7. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are people who help individuals or families buy, sell, and rent properties. A BBA degree can help, but those wishing to become a real estate agent must also get and maintain a number of certifications and licenses to sell in their community and state. You’d be responsible for interviewing clients, showing homes and properties to individuals, and understanding contracts.

You could also opt to become a real estate broker. In this instance, you will be responsible for overseeing real estate transactions, including ones in commercial firms.

Manager icon8. Manager

At every level of business, there are managers who keep things running smoothly. They are in charge of everything from running the day-to-day operations of a retail store to sourcing materials for large production facilities. No matter what type of business you would like to work in, if you’re hoping to enter into management, a BBA can also give you the necessary tools to succeed.

Some options include purchasing manager, operations manager, and sales manager. Sales executives and sales associates can also fall under this umbrella. Salary and expected job growth depend on the particular field and position.

Entrepreneur icon9. Entrepreneur

More and more people are opting to be an entrepreneur, and a BBA degree can help them achieve that dream. Entrepreneurs are individuals who organize and operate businesses from the ground up. They can be in any field and any industry – as long as there is a market! If there is a start-up, there is an entrepreneur behind it. All small and large businesses have all been started by entrepreneurs. The internet and evolving technology opens a pathway for a number of individuals to start down this career path.

If you’re interested in a BBA degree and becoming an entrepreneur, it’s important to take courses that focus on certain studies. Here are some colleges that offer a number of courses in the subject and may even have minors in entrepreneurship.

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