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side gigs to make money in college
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5 Side Gigs to Make Money in College

College is expensive. You have to pay for tuition, housing, meals, activities, and so much more. To cover costs, you’re probably going to need a job. Sometimes having a part-time job schedule isn’t practical with your schedule. Perhaps you have an insane amount of credits this semester and you aren’t sure when your study group …
Colorful pens inside a jar. Overlay text says "Back to school supplies."
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21 College School Supplies Every Freshmen Needs

Between shopping for your dorm room essentials, meeting your roommates, and attending orientation, it could be easy to forget the college school supplies that you ACTUALLY need for the classroom and studying. Supplies like pencils, notebooks, planners, etc. School supplies for college look similar to those you’ll get while in high school but with a …
Keep in touch with your high school friends.
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How to Keep In Touch With Friends as You Leave For College

Summer is winding down, back-to-school commercials have hit TV stations, and stores all over the country have set up their school supply displays. If you’re an incoming college freshman, it can be more than a little intimidating. The college transition is a big step. You’re going from a structured eight hour high school day to …
Thumbs up for a successful semester!
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How to Have a Successful Semester in College

The summer is almost gone, so now you are full of enthusiasm to make a fresh start successfully. Aren’t ready yet? Here is a ready-made plan for you to prepare for the school year ahead and have a successful semester. 1. Keep Account of Your Progress Create a table in Excel and classify the material …
There are some things I wish I knew in high school, like think before you speak.
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What I Wish I’d Known Before College: 9 Things

The struggle in high school is crazy, struggling to deal with superficial people and separating our best friends so that we would have someone to sit with at lunch. It’s like the whole world is obsessed with who wears what, who is going out with whom, who’s the most popular, and other such trivial matters. …
Balance your time with your high school job
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A Job in High School: How to Balance Your Time

People often think college is the most challenging, busiest, most rewarding time of your life (don’t worry, we believe life is better every year). There are org meetings, studying, internships, class time, group project work, jobs, and much more. That sounds pretty busy, but it is not true that these students have not experienced “busyness” …