The Temptation of Procrastination: How to Avoid Putting Things Off

Here's how to avoid procrastination!

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Every student, college or high school, gets the struggle. We all have tons of things to do, but still, somehow, we spend all of our days watching Netflix and checking Instagram. It’s tempting to browse Twitter or Tumblr rather than worry overstudying and homework. However, procrastinating on things—putting them off until the last minute—will not only lead to stress but likely a lower grade.

Truth is we like to let things pass by, and we forget that if we get them done as soon as we can we will have more free time to do nothing at all. I know it, you know it, and yet we still procrastinate. So let’s go over a couple of ways to avoid procrastination. They will help you regain control of your activities so you can do every little thing that needs to get done on time.

Have a to-do-list (weekly and daily)

Avoid procrastination by planning your week and splitting it into days. If you are constantly seeing a list of things you haven’t done, you’ll eventually get up and start working. Plus, there is nothing as relaxing as seeing your to-do-list slowly emptying.

Find someone to push you

A friend, classmate, or even your mom. Tell them to remind you of the things you need to do that day. They can act as a personal cheerleader, and you’ll start doing things faster because someone else is pushing you to do so. This works in every aspect of your life. Every time I feel like skipping the gym I tell my friends to remind me why I wanted to go in the first place. I end up going just to shut them up, so it really works.

Stay away from your phone

This is a hard one, but try to do it and you’ll see how things get done. Turn your phone off, put it in a drawer or just activate the “do not disturb” option. Once you stop staring at your notifications you’ll focus on what has to get done and just do it.

Take a break!

Plan what homework you’ll do, but give yourself time to let go of the stress. Take study breaks every half hour or so. You can watch a YouTube video, walk around your neighborhood, listen to music, or talk to someone. The important thing is not overloading your brain with information and letting it get distracted every once in a while.

Jam to your favorite songs

This is one of my favorites, maybe because I’m listening to music 24/7, but I believe everyone enjoys a good song. Music helps you relax while you are doing your homework, but it doesn’t get in your way, it doesn’t distract you like a TV show or a movie would. So make a playlist to help let go of the stress and finish that paper you have to turn in tomorrow.

And remember, instrumental music is better for studying than music with lyrics in it.

Think about your goal

Why are you doing what you’re doing? If you keep your goals in mind, you’ll avoid procrastination and stay motivated to keep working and get to the finish line as soon as possible. You have been dreaming about it so much, that if you remind yourself what you want and why you want it you’ll never get tired of doing stuff to get there.

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