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Here's how you can create an effective study group
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How To Create an Effective Study Group

For most students, the biggest struggle between high school and college courses is the autonomy you’re given. Professors don’t monitor your progress nearly as close as most high school classes. The course may have very little homework and tests create a large portion of your grade. It is easy to fall into the trap of …
Take great notes in class so you're prepared for tests
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How To Take Great Notes!

Notes are essential to the successful college student. Good notes can be the difference between passing a test and failing. I know I took my first year or two to discover how I needed to take great notes. Here is a short list of suggestions to help new students out: Organize The biggest thing I …
Here are 5 ways to improve your memory.
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5 More Brain Hacks to Improve Your Memory

Studying for the ACT or SAT? Gearing up for a test in your least favorite class? Got a college final coming up? Just need to memorize something quick? We found 5 more ways to improve your memory. Pay attention! There will be a pop quiz. (No, really, there’s a quiz at the end). The 8 Second …
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Laptop vs. Notebook: Which is Better to Take Notes On?

The laptop is used with more and more frequency in college classrooms, but what about the classic notebook? Is typing better than writing by hand? Professors say that laptops are a liability and distraction in class. However, students report that laptops are more beneficial than traditional note-taking. So who is right? What are the pros …
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Do’s and Don’ts: General Education Classes

There are some basic do’s and don’ts about gen ends. Do: pick classes that you’re interested in, actually learn, and make some friends. Don’t: just go with the easiest class, procrastinate, and lean back on your high school experience. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, which is why we explain each below. When creating …