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A group of students studying together around a table.
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Do’s and Don’ts: College Study Groups

Academics in college can be more time-consuming than you are used to. There are lots of different ways to study and prepare to succeed in your classes. A popular study method in college is to form study groups. Having other students to study with can help with accountability. Here are some tips for how to …
A teacher and student need to communicate with each other.
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Why Teacher-Student Communication is So Important

Teaching is not just about student supervision and inventing complex multiple-choice tests. It expands its reach far beyond that. The key idea behind educating students is to grow an intelligent and healthy community. To attain the goal, an educator needs to set priorities right and develop teaching methods and approaches based on them. As our …
What do you get out of college?
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What You Get out of College (Besides a Degree)

While in college you will learn just as much outside of the classroom as you do inside of one. There’s no doubt that the material learned from the courses and tests are valuable, but equally important are the life lessons imparted by the college experience as a whole. You earn much more than just a …
Here's how to stay healthy in college.
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Tips to Stay Healthy in College

Most college students are young and relatively healthy. However, the all you can eat cafeterias and large pizza specials can ruin even the fittest body. Take advantage of the easy things you can do to stay healthy in college! Let’s start with the obvious. Go to the gym One of the most important ways to …
A study schedule can really help you get on top of your studying
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How Do You Create a Study Schedule?

Depending on your high school rigor and schedule, you may be a bit culture-shocked when it comes to college studying. College classes are naturally more difficult than high school. That shouldn’t scare you, it should make sense. As each year progresses, you have more knowledge and are ready for more challenging courses. You spent many …
Here are some common writing mistakes students make
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Common Writing Mistakes Made by College Students

Time flies but the common writing mistakes students tend to make in their essays are still the same. Have you ever imagined that your thoughtful essay may turn to be graded as a poor one, because of some mistakes you failed to notice? Just fancy, you are writing about some serious issues like environmental pollution …

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