5 Side Gigs to Make Money in College

side gigs to make money in college

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College is expensive. You have to pay for tuition, housing, meals, activities, and so much more. To cover costs, you’re probably going to need a job. Sometimes having a part-time job schedule isn’t practical with your schedule. Perhaps you have an insane amount of credits this semester and you aren’t sure when your study group will need to meet or any other responsibilities. That’s when having a flexible side gig will come in handy to help cover expenses. If you don’t think you can commit to working Monday through Thursday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., it is nice to have these options for flexibility within your schedule.

Sell Stuff

If you have a lot of stuff you aren’t using laying around, you should sell it! This can be done online or in person. Local consignments shop will accept your gently used items and either pay you on the spot or when your items sell. Online websites to sell on include eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Craigslist, Poshmark, Tradesy, and many more. If you have a talent and enjoy crafting, consider setting a shop up on Etsy! If you love to create, why not make money off of it? Or go old school and have a garage sale. 


Freelancing is being your own boss offering your services to people for a fee. Do you have a talent? Consider sharing it with the world and getting paid! An excellent way to freelance is to write. This is a comprehensive list of sites that will pay you to write articles.

Run Errands

If you like to be busy with errands and have access to a car, TaskRabbit is excellent for you! We have an increasingly shared economy, and this site is the next level of that. There are a variety of activities you can provide like, grocery shopping, building an IKEA desk, hanging shelves, cleaning the houses, and many more to choose from. This way you can choose what you like and read reviews to ensure the partnership will be a good fit.


Childcare can be a fun and lucrative side gig. If you enjoy being around children, have the skills to care for them, and are dependable, you should look into creating a profile with Care.com. It is an online platform to advertise your childcare services where parents and guardians are looking for respected babysitters to watch their children. You can set your own schedule, pay, and preferences. It offers great flexibility as a part time gig.


What better place to tutor than on a college campus?! Students are often searching for tutors and would prefer a relatable college student than a professional tutor charging big bucks. If you are confident in your academic knowledge and have competitive prices, start advertising your services! Posting in the specific class’s Facebook groups, craigslist, or bulletin board around campus should bring in some students! Get creative with how you will get your message out.

With this arsenal of side gigs, you should be well set to making some cash to cover the cost of college! In addition to working, check out scholarships and what schools you can afford.