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Do’s and Don’ts: Balancing Your College Life

During your college years, there will be many different things that require your attention. Your schoolwork, extracurricular activities, maybe a part-time job, and if you’d like to have a social life, that too. Time will be the most important commodity you have. Learning to make the most of it is vital to your success both …
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Do’s and Don’ts: Writing an Essay

There are different methods for writing and they all provide us with the same outcome – a well-thought-out essay! Some students write with strict plans and outlines while others organize their thoughts as they go. Regardless of whether you write from beginning to end in a straight shot or skip around in a hodgepodge until …
College is your journey.
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Note to My College-Bound Self: This is Your Journey

My transition to college was, in a word, rough. Like many others, I dealt with homesickness (despite home only being two hours away), the weight of new responsibilities, and the worry of fitting in. My roommate and I were opposites. When I wasn’t in class or on the marching band practice field, I was in …
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The College Transition: Dealing with Change

College is supposed to be one of the greatest times in your life. At least that’s what you’ve been told. For the most part, it will be. You will explore new environments, make new friends, and discover things about yourself that you never knew. However, there is a less glamorous side of college that is …
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Advice on Creating Your College Schedule

If you’re headed to college this fall, you’re probably attending orientation this summer at your chosen school. An important part of orientation is having students create their fall class schedule. This is often why it is encouraged to attend orientation early before classes fill up. Orientation leaders usually walk freshman through the online scheduling tool …
Here's our parent's guide to orientation
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A Parent’s Guide to Orientation

Orientation is an exciting time in the soon-to-be college student’s life. It is their first experience on campus as a real student before their move in day. Orientation is designed to familiarize the student with campus, resources, and generate enthusiasm. It is also a big moment for the parents. They are sending their child on …
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10 Exercises You Can Do in Your Dorm

A common fear of incoming college students is that they will gain the “freshman 15” or not have time to exercise. We are here to show you some simple and easy dorm room exercises you can perform in the comfort of your own space. These exercises require no equipment you won’t find in your dorm …
I'm glad I had older sisters who went to college before me.
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What I Wish My Sisters Had Told Me About College

There are definitely perks to having older siblings around. I graduated high school believing that I had a decent grasp on what college would be like. I was doubly blessed because I had two older sisters who went to different schools and had different experiences. However, I was going into uncharted territory. Both of them …
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Tips for Doing Your Own Laundry

Going to college can be a life-changing experience. You’re in a new environment, making your own decisions, living life. There’s a great feeling of freedom and independence that comes along with that. However, those same advantages can also become drawbacks. Being on your own also means that you have to be responsible for yourself. When …