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Here are 10 reasons to attend a research university
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10 Reasons to Attend a Research University

A research university is known for being large and focusing heavily on research. In addition to offering numerous undergraduate degrees, research universities are committed to graduate education through the doctorate degree. The size of research universities can be a turn off for many students who want a more intimate college experience. However, most students at …
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10 Reasons to Attend a Liberal Arts College and Universities

So, what is a liberal arts college? They’re not always household names. For many, the first time you hear the name of a liberal arts college is when it comes up in your college search. However, these colleges provide amazing education, engaged communities, and superb preparation for the future. (And, most importantly, not “just arts” …
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10 Reasons to Attend a Public College or University

Public colleges and universities sometimes get a bad rap. For some reason, many people think state schools are not as rigorous or prestigious as fancy private colleges and universities. However, public colleges and universities offer many great advantages that may not be available at private institutions. State schools are not for everyone, but for some, …
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Regional Gems: Midwest

The Midwest is full of big universities–it’s home to the Big 10 after all! And while these schools are great for some students, they aren’t right for everyone. Some are better fit for smaller colleges, of which they may not even be aware. To shed light on small but deserving colleges around the country, we continue …
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Regional Gems: West & South

At College Raptor, we help students find colleges that fit them financially, socially, and academically–which means looking at more than just big-name universities. That’s why we’re drawing attention to smaller colleges across the nation which deserve consideration but may be initially overlooked because of their size. As a continuation of our series on hidden gem …
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Regional Gems: Northeast

Many people automatically associate education in the Northeast with the Ivy League. But students desiring a world-class education don’t have to focus on those 8 schools. There are many great, smaller colleges in the Northeast where undergraduates can receive a valuable and meaningful education. To bring attention to these smaller and perhaps lesser-known colleges, College …
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20 Pet Friendly Colleges

Some colleges that allow pets (including dogs and cats) include Eckerd College, Lees-McRae College, and Stetson University. If you are a pet owner that is about to head to college and can’t bear to leave your beloved animal companion behind, check out this list of campuses that allow you to bring your furry friends. These …
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Hidden Gems: The Best Colleges In Each State That Receive Fewer than 5,000 Applications Per Year

College Raptor aims to help students find their best fit colleges, academically, culturally, and financially. While big colleges can be a great fit for some students, others do better on smaller campuses. To bring attention to small colleges around the country, we’ve developed this map highlighting the top hidden gem college in each state. In …
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Every Kind of College and University Defined

As you explore different types of colleges, you will learn there are many different types of colleges or universities. Public, private, two-year, four-year, and more – there’s a lot that schools use to define their institution! And many will use more than one of these terms. Each of these are unique however and can bring …