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A List of Good Colleges for Global Entrepreneurship Summit
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Global Entrepreneurship Summit: Top Schools for Entrepreneurship

The 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2016 concluded last week at Stanford University in Silicon Valley, California. Previous summits took place across the globe, including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya. This summit brought together over 686 brilliant entrepreneurs from 170 countries to share their passion and develop ways to spread the …
Unique sports - underwater hockey
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Unique Sports on College Campuses

Quidditch Maybe you’re the biggest Harry Potter fan known to our muggle world, or maybe you’re just a lover of original and competitive sports…either way, one of the unique sports you’ll find is quidditch! Based on the Harry Potter franchise, the game of quidditch is being brought to life at colleges around the nation. This coed, …
College student wearing a green graduation robe jumping.
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How to Increase Your Odds of Graduating College in 4 Years

The stats are less than encouraging to look at. One study shows that nationally only 19% of full-time students at non-flagship schools earn their bachelor’s degrees within four years. Even at flagship and research schools, the rate isn’t much better — 36%. Yikes. While attending college for more than four years is common, it also …
Survey about the new SAT
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Survey Says: Student Reactions to the New SAT

A few months ago, proctors administered the new SAT format for the first time, and there’s plenty of talk about what students thought of the changes. The College Board hosted an online survey for the first group of students that took their refreshed test. In total, the College Board asked 8,089 students several questions about …
A girl walking on a purple tightrope that's tied to two trees.
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Do’s and Don’ts: Balancing Your College Life

During your college years, there will be many different things that require your attention. Your schoolwork, extracurricular activities, maybe a part-time job, and if you’d like to have a social life, that too. Time will be the most important commodity you have. Learning to make the most of it is vital to your success both …
Harry Potter: Harry Potter's interest in being an Auror, so it makes sense that he would be in a homeland security program.
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What Harry Potter Characters Would Major In

With all the hype and information JK Rowling recently released about Ilvermorny–the North American equivalent of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry–we got to thinking: If Harry Potter characters went to college in America, what would they major in? Harry Potter Major: Homeland Security The titular character is no stranger to kicking bad-guy butt and protecting …
A student writing a paper. There are do's and don'ts of writing a paper
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5 Do’s and Don’ts: Writing an Essay

Do you think of yourself as a writer? There are many different essay writing methods but they all provide the same outcome—a finalized essay! It doesn’t matter how you get the essay written, it matters that you produce a resourced-packed, well-written paper. Regardless, you should keep a few things in mind when figuring out your writing …
College is your journey.
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Note to My College-Bound Self: This is Your Journey

My transition to college was, in a word, rough. Like many others, I dealt with homesickness (despite home only being two hours away), the weight of new responsibilities, and the worry of fitting in. My roommate and I were opposites. When I wasn’t in class or on the marching band practice field, I was in …
Visiting colleges over the summer is a good idea
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Why You Should Visit Colleges in the Summer

College visits are an excellent opportunity to get a “feel” for the colleges you are applying to. College visits aim to get you acclimated with the important aspects of choosing a school. They will take you on a tour of campus and residence halls, teach you about academic and student life opportunities, provide you with …