Laura Bulanda


Laura Bulanda is a Research Specialist and Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at College Raptor. As a transfer student who found her love at the University of Iowa, Laura gives a perspective of someone who wishes College Raptor would have been around to make her decision easier, without the transfer!

Make Your Late Night Study Snacks Work For You!

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We’ve all been there–you’re on your sixth hour of studying in the corner of the library, you ate dinner before you started your study session…and now you’re hungry again. The vending machine is a few steps away stacked with study snacks, like bags of chips, chocolate, and some sugary drinks, but it’s 12:30 AM. We …

Time Management: How To Make the Most of Your Time

You may not think you have enough time, but you do tips tools & advice
A common college myth is that it’s impossible to have enough time to keep your grades up while having a social life and getting enough sleep. We’re here to tell you that it is exactly that – a myth. It’s tough to transition from the days of high school–when almost every hour of your day …

Pros and Cons of Choosing a College Close to Home

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Choosing a college close to home probably sounds like a dream to your parents. They probably love the idea of having you close and maybe you do too, but going to school in the ballpark of your hometown isn’t the right fit for everyone. So, for those of you trying to decide if staying close …