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Study Abroad Scholarships: Europe

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure. Many students choose Europe as their destination for their study abroad. It is rich in history, art, food, beauty, and also lets students experience a new culture. Traveling to see all the beautiful sights will eat up your budget, however. To help you out, we have found a list …
The Space Grant Program was created by NASA.
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What is a Space Grant College?

The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program was created by NASA in 1989. It is now referred to as the Space Grant. It is a national network of colleges and universities aimed at promoting space projects through engineering education, research, and public outreach events. There are 850 affiliates including schools, museums, science centers, and …
How does a lecture class relate to a discussion class?
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How are College Discussion and Lecture Classes Related?

You may have questions about lecture and discussion classes in college. When I was registering for my very first college schedule, I would add a discussion class section and automatically another class populated onto my schedule. I was confused at first, why do I have an extra 3-5 hours of class a week? That doesn’t …
Does class size matter?
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Does the Size of a Class in College Matter?

A large deciding factor for many students when choosing a college is size. Do they want to go to a small or big school? As a student, you find your perfect college match in terms of the community it is located, a top-ranked program for the major you choose, a generous financial aid package, but …
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5 Scholarships for Nursing Students

Nurses are an integral part of our society and we need them more than ever. It is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the US, with an estimated number of jobs at 2,751,000 in 2014, and growing faster than average at 16%, according to the Bureau of Labors Statistics. If you have a passion for …
Technology in the classroom
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The Use of Technology in the Classroom

Students graduating high school and heading to college are a part of the millennial generation. They grew up with evolving technology. It is often a necessity over privilege. In years past, college students went to the school library to wait their turn at the typewriter. Then it was the desktop that took forever loading each …
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Colleges That Don’t Require the SAT or ACT

There are approximately 3,000 bachelor degree granting institutions in the United States. Approximately 28% of those schools are colleges that don’t require SAT or ACT test scores. Wait, what? You read that correctly. More than 850 accredited, degree granting institutions don’t require your test scores. That sounds pretty good, right? Before you scoff at the …
Here are 16 politically active college campuses.
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Most Politically Active Campuses

Ah, politics. You either love them or you hate them. Maybe you’re a political buff who enjoys filling their days with copious amounts of reading and writing on politics. Or, maybe you’re a headline-reader only hearing of the most notable news of the moment- like the current Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Perhaps you think …
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College Myth: Elite Colleges Prefer SAT over ACT

The ACT vs SAT. A battle of the standardized tests. If you’re in college, thinking about college, or know anything about college- you’ve heard of them. You think they’re the same, right? Wrong. The ACT and SAT are both college entrance exams but have different components. The SAT’s test structure includes math, reading, writing and …

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