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Parent checklist on getting your student into college
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Parent Checklist: How to Help Your Student Get to College — FREE Download

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Education is a critical component in leading a purposeful life. It challenges the mind, teaches perseverance of the soul, and creates critical thinkers who will change …
Balance your time with your high school job
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A Job in High School: How to Balance Your Time

People often think college is the most challenging, busiest, most rewarding time of your life (don’t worry, we believe life is better every year). There are org meetings, studying, internships, class time, group project work, jobs, and much more. That sounds pretty busy, but it is not true that these students have not experienced “busyness” …
Here's our study abroad checklist
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Checklist for Studying Abroad

You have made the decision to study abroad. Congratulations! We have outlined an estimated timeline for when you should be completing each step along the way of studying abroad. We started with 9-12 months out, but if you’re under that timeline, try to start those steps as soon as possible! Here’s our study abroad checklist! …
We Are Marshall was one of many movies filmed on college campuses.
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Movies Filmed on College Campuses

Ah, summer. With the wonderful sun and heat, it’s nice to spend time outside, right? Maybe. Or you can head inside with the purr of the air conditioner and non-threat of sweat. While you’re enjoying the cool interior, pop in or stream a movie. Did you know a popular backdrop for movies are college campuses? …
Three hot air balloons in the sky.
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How to Study Abroad: A 10 Step Guide

Studying abroad can be an eye-opening experience and a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of during your time as a college student. You may be curious though about the pros and cons and how to study abroad! We’ve included a rundown of the basics, plus some tips on how to study in a different country. …
Here are five common college myths debunked.

5 College Admissions Myths Debunked

College Admissions can stress out even the calmest, coolest, and most collected of students (and parents.) It is a wonderful thing to be determined, passionate, and ambitious when applying to your dream school. However, not having a backup plan, that’s not a good idea. College admission odds for the Ivy Leagues are at an all-time …
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5 Scholarships for Students in Arkansas

Have you heard of Wal-Mart? Just kidding. Of course you have. Did you know the founder, Sam Walton, is an Arkansas native? Arkansas is known for its beautiful parkland and is the Quartz Crystal Capital of the world. Arkansas became the 25th state of the United States of America and was also the birthplace of …
A purple background with text overlayed that says "what you need to know about prior-prior year and FAFSA changes."
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What You Need to Know About Prior-Prior Year and FAFSA Changes

If you’re thinking about college, you’ve probably heard of FAFSA. What is it? And how is it changing? FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA is a part of the United States Department of Education and provides more than $150 billion in student aid in the form of grants, loans, and work-study …
Sustainable food on college campuses
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Food Sustainability on College Campuses

If you’re planning on attending college or are currently enrolled, you will probably also eat at a dining hall. A dining hall is run by the college or university and is intended to provide nutritious, convenient food for its students. While some may deem dining halls “awesome” by the number of flavors of soft-serve ice …