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Careers with the Highest Job Openings

You’re in the thick of your college search and trying to find the best college match for you. There are so many criteria to evaluate when you choose a college. The size of the campus and surrounding community, the net price to attend, acceptance odds, and what you want to study. The last one is …
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Do’s and Don’ts: General Education Classes

There are some basic do’s and don’ts about gen ends. Do: pick classes that you’re interested in, actually learn, and make some friends. Don’t: just go with the easiest class, procrastinate, and lean back on your high school experience. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, which is why we explain each below. When creating …
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College Myth: Students Shouldn’t Have Their Own Credit Card in College

A common worry among most college-bound students and families is their finances. The cost of college has risen dramatically in the past years and hunting for scholarships and deciphering financial aid can be tough. Then there are the smaller scale questions of how they actually pay for their everyday purchases. Will their home banking still …
Here are some ideas for real meals on a budget
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Ideas for Real Meals on a Budget

Now that you’ve been living on your own, you have probably come to a sad realization: feeding yourself is expensive. You may have wondered why you couldn’t talk your parents into going out to eat more often when you were younger; you probably didn’t realize it was in the name of frugality. Food is a serious budget …
A List of Good Colleges for Global Entrepreneurship Summit
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Global Entrepreneurship Summit: Top Schools for Entrepreneurship

The 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2016 concluded last week at Stanford University in Silicon Valley, California. Previous summits took place across the globe, including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya. This summit brought together over 686 brilliant entrepreneurs from 170 countries to share their passion and develop ways to spread the …
Highest paid jobs - legal
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College Majors for the Highest Paid Jobs by Industry

There are plenty of factors that should play a role in your major and jobs/career choice. While choosing one of the highest paying college majors might be your first choice, you’ll also want to consider life balance and your passions. If you’re considering any of these majors, you may want to consider one of the …
There's a reason why you should study for the SAT or ACT this summer.

Why You Should Study for the ACT and SAT This Summer

The summer ACT test date was on June 11th and test takers have received their scores. Armed with their composites, students can use College Raptor’s college match tool to see their admission odds at matched schools and what their net price of attendance may be. If you missed the summer testing date, it’s a good …