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About The SAT: SAS Student Answer Service

A burgundy background with text overlayed that says "what is the student answer service?" ACT & SAT
Much like the ACT, the SAT also has a service that can help you review your results, known as the Student Answer Service. Here’s a quick overview so you can determine if this service is right for you. What is the Student Answer Service? The Student Answer Service, also known as the SAS, is a …

History of the SAT

Bookshelf and a word "History" above it. ACT & SAT
The SAT is such a normal occurrence for high school seniors and incoming college freshman, that many don’t think about the roots of the test today. It’s actually less than a 100 years old. Here’s how the SAT become one of the most used standardized tests across the United States. Early Beginnings In the 1900’s, …

Most Popular Destinations for Study Abroad

Popular destinations - UK student life
Studying abroad can give you some great world views during your formative college years. In addition to being in another culture, it gives you the opportunity to learn in different settings. However, you might also want to stay with other Americans to make sure you adapt a bit easier. Here are some of the most …

Who Is Eligible To Take The PSAT?

Who takes the PSAT? ACT & SAT
You may have heard the term PSAT mentioned during high school, especially during the start of the school year. However, some students may not fully understand the purpose of the PSAT. Some even confuse it with a school-sponsored practice SAT. Here’s some advice on taking the PSAT if you’re eligible: What Is The PSAT? The …

If I Don’t Perfectly Match Up With A Scholarship’s Criteria, Should I Still Apply?

You go down the checklist of scholarship's criteria to see if you match, but what if you match on all the criteria except one? scholarship search & applications
Searching for college scholarships can sometimes be quite a daunting task, especially with how many are available to students. There will be a few that are a perfect match for you and then hundreds of others that you don’t qualify for. However, have you ever come across a scholarship that you almost perfectly match, but …

Can I Get My ACT/SAT Fee Waived?

The ACT/SAT has fees attached to it. How do you get those fees waived? ACT & SAT
When you go to register for the SAT or ACT, you may notice there are fees attached. The SAT costs $43, and with the essay is $54.50. The ACT costs $39.50 without the optional writing test and $56.50 with. There may be additional fees for changing your test date or receiving answer keys after grading. However, what …

What You Need to Know About the ACT’s Test Information Release

What you need to know about the ACT Test Information Release ACT & SAT
After you take your ACT, you’ll often receive your scores for both the multiple-choice and essay sections in about a month. However, some students may be interested to see why they received the scores they did. Thanks to the Test Information Release from the ACT, also known as the TIR, that’s possible. What is the …

What ACT/SAT Accommodations Are Available For Students With Disabilities?

What are the available accommodations for the SAT and ACT? ACT & SAT
As with most tests, the ACT and SAT makes accommodations for students with documented disabilities. There are a number of examples of accommodations, which depends on the student’s needs. But, here are some of the more common ones: Extended SAT Time Extended time is available for students who may need longer to complete specific sections …

How To Demonstrate Interest In A College

Show interest in a college to show how dedicated you are to attending. college search
You probably have a few colleges on your list to apply to, with some being your dream school or top choice, but how do you really demonstrate interest to attend? For more selective schools, showing interest could really give you a leg up on the competition. Here are a few ways to really show your …