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Hilary Cairns is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and has a BA in English/Creative Writing. She's an established freelance writer who also has a hand in marketing, social media, and editing for various businesses across the United States.

The Difference Between Direct Subsidized Loans and Unsubsidized

A college student writing in a notebook. student loans
Applying for the FAFSA matters. When applying for federal aid through FAFSA, you will find that there are two loans for students available through their program: direct subsidized loans and unsubsidized. Your family’s current financial situation and your needs determine which loan lenders offer and which you prefer. Direct Subsidized Loans  Subsidized, also know as …

Types of Student Loan Repayment Plans

Here are the different types of student loan repayment options student loans
Student loan repayment options come into play when it’s time to pay back the debt you’ve accumulated in college. There are quite a few different options, each one set to meet different needs and requirements. Three types that fit under the umbrella of federal repayment loans include direct consolidation, income-driven repayment, and basic. Direct Consolidation …

What You Need to Know About Private Student Loans

Private student loans can help you afford college, but here are some things you need to know student loans
Private student loans, also known as private education loans or alternative education loans, are great resources, especially when federal aid does not fully cover the cost of school. Private loans are offered by many banks and each have their own requirements, interest rates, and protections. Interest Rates When considering private student loans, there are two …

Types of Federal Student Loans

A group of students sitting together in front of one laptop, with a few students standing behind them. student loans
Federal loans, or officially known as The United States government provides the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, the main and largest federal loan program. Under the Department of Education, there are three types of federal student loans available. You and your parents should carefully weigh the pros and cons before choosing. You want …