5 Fun Outdoor Games for College Students

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"Fun outdoor game for college students" with a grass background.

We recently covered some great party games for college life in a recent article. They’re fun to play indoors, but what about when the weather is nice and you want a break? You can head out to the quad with a couple of friends and one of these fun outdoor games.


Spikeball net, 3 balls, drawstring bag, and rule book.Spikeball is sort of like wallball but with a net instead of a wall. You play in two teams of two. Facing off against one another, you have to pass the ball back three times before bouncing it on the net to let the other team give it a try. When the ball is dropped, the other team gets a point. Requiring dives, fast movement, and more, it’s definitely an active game! Perfect for a nice spring day. Even if you’re friends aren’t into it, there’s a Spikeball App so you can find teammates and opponents easily!

Discraft Ultra-Star Disc

Discraft ultra-star flying disc.You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned flying disc, and this one is far from ordinary! A top choice for the game of Ultimate or Disc Golf. It’s the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series. Discs are also available in a variety of designs including Starscape, Eagle, Blue Orb, and Yin Yang. It’s certainly a versatile option. You can play a simple game of one-on-one catch, play Monkey in the Middle with a group, organize a round of Ultimate, or play fetch with your favorite dog.

GoSports Cornhole Bag Toss Game

GoSports cornhole bean bag toss game set.This one is a staple of tailgate parties everywhere. Simple, yet a fun challenge, Cornhole is always a hit with people. This bag toss game from GoSports comes with two cornhole boards, 8 bean bags (4 of each color), rules, and a carrying case. The game comes in several different designs including American Flag, Football, LED Light-Up, Red, and Blue, and Original black—perfect for painting on your team’s logos. Play the straightforward game, or try to master different kinds of trick shots.

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games wooden giant tumbling timbers with carrying case.What was once mini, is now mega. If you enjoy the classic game of Jenga, you’re going to love this outdoor version. Giant Tumbling Timbers from Yard Games stands 2 and a half feet tall with 56 timbers that make for 19 levels. With a nylon carrying case, it’s easy to carry across campus to your favorite hangout spot or back home if you want to play with family over the summer or holidays. This game may be high stress, but it’s also plenty of fun.

Rubber Chicken Slingshot

And now for something completely new. Who doesn’t love a rubber chicken? This pack of 10 rubber chicken slingshots is funny gag toys from Namii W. Place your index finger in the hole under the chicken’s head and pull their tail with the other hand. This Rubber Chicken Slingshot can shoot pretty far. Pick a target and challenge your friends. Or start a free for all chicken fight.

You definitely don’t want to spend all your time cooped up indoors when you’re in college. These five suggestions are sure to get you and your friends outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine while allowing you to take a good break from studying and homework.

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