7 Great College Party Games for Your Study Breaks

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College doesn’t have to be 100% study and work! If you’re looking for quick, easy, and fun games to play with your roommates and friends during college, check out these. Here are 7 great college party games to try!

Mattel Games Bounce-Off Game

Mattel Bounce-Off Game. Click to view its Amazon page.Simple to play (but difficult to master), the Mattel Games Bounce-Off Game is a “race to recreate the pattern.” Think of it like ping-pong meets tic-tac-toe. Challenge cards dictate the pattern you need to recreate using bouncy balls. For 2 to 4 players, it is an easy game to pull out when everyone is done studying for the evening.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens card game. Click to view its Amazon page.If you haven’t heard of the Exploding Kittens Card Game, you’re missing out! This unusual and different game features cats, explosions, laser beams, and more. A strategic game with wacky cards and plenty of ways to screw your friends over; you’ll want to avoid the exploding kitten card at all costs.  And if you enjoy it enough, there are expansion packs to buy! With over 12,000 reviews, it’s sure to be a hit and is super easy to learn how to play.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf game. Click to view its Amazon page.Did you ever play Mafia with your friends? This is like that, but since it has werewolves in it, it’s automatically better. An “Amazon’s Choice” board game, you want to check out One Night Ultimate Werewolf! Each game lasts around 10 minutes, making it the perfect mid-study break activity for you and your friends. In that short window you have to find out the werewolf among your group. It’s a game that will have you howling.

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Party Game

5 Second Rule party game. Click to view its Amazon page.Love a bit of trivia? Love games that make you think on your feet? The PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Party Game can add a bit of hilarity to your evenings in college. You’re given a card and asked to name 3 things from that listed topic, such as “Name 3 breeds of dogs.” The twist is, you only have 5 seconds to answer! It’s very easy to get tongue tied when you’re trying to get it all out!

Lightning Reaction Reloaded: Shocking Game

Lightning Reaction Reloaded: Shocking Game. Click to view its Amazon page.If you want to add something different to game night or your study breaks, check out Lightning Reaction Reloaded: Shocking Game. A reaction timed game the last one to “draw” gets zapped! Who will have the best reaction time in your group and who will get shocked the most? It’s considered an “Amazon Choice” for a reason—this game will keep everyone on their toes.


Codenames Board Game. Click to view its Amazon page.A #1 Best Seller, Codenames is another game that can be played in short bursts, taking only about 15 minutes to finish. Perfect with four players (or more if you want things to get hectic and fun). The two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their Codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Good luck avoiding the assassin…

Hasbro’s Catch Phrase

Hasbro’s Catch Phrase. Click to view its Amazon page.How well can you describe a word or a phrase to your friends (without actually saying the word)? Hasbro’s Catch Phrase is your chance to find out. With 5,000 words and phrases that can appear, you’ll want them to guess as quickly as possible. There is a need for speed here, since you don’t want to be stuck with the device when it buzzes. First to 7 wins!

These are only a few quick games that you can play to break up study sessions with your friends! They also make great additions to any game night you may host!

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