4 Reasons High School Students Should Do a Summer Internship

Student at work desk with text: why high schoolers should do a summer internshipYou’ve often heard of college students and recent college graduates getting internships, but did you know it’s also beneficial for high school students to take part in one? It’s something you’ll definitely want to consider! Here are four reasons you should do a summer internship as a high school student.

Reason #1: A Summer Internship Looks Good On College Applications

Extra experience and that extra step can make quite a different on your college application. Schools like to see you taking initiative, especially in something that has to do with your intended major. It shows you’re dedicated, well before you set foot on their campus. This position could set you apart from the crowd and help you earn an acceptance letter.

Reason #2: It Gives You Job Experience

A summer internship will also look great for future job applications. This is definitely the case if you decide to go forward with this particular field. You’ll already have work history under your belt even if you decided not to work during college. This will help tremendously with your resume, future job interviews, and self confidence when it comes to work.

And even though you’re taking this position while you’re still in high school, it could lead to a job offer down the line from the company, non-profit, or other organization you work with. It’s quite common to be offered a job this way!

Reason #3: You Get the Skills You Need In Your Field

There’s no better way to experience your field than with a hands on approach. A summer internship will give you a real introduction to your intended career path and let you know more about your major and field in general.

This can also work in the other direction though: After taking an internship in your intended field, you may find it’s not exactly what you had hoped. It’s better to find out now than later on after you’ve graduated college.

Reason #4: An Internship Will Help You Network

Networking is another benefit that comes out of taking part in an internship, and it’s great to start early. The right position will help you create connections that can help you through college, but may also result in some great positions or careers after you graduate. Make sure to keep up those connections too — whether it be working at the company during the summer or adding them on LinkedIn.

Bonus Reason: It Could Be Paid

True, not all internships are paid, but many are! Interns do real, tangible work and many employers compensate them for their time and effort. Earning a paycheck can help fund your college education and lower the amount in student loans you’ll need to take out. Every little bit counts. And it never hurts to have some extra cash on hand.

These are just four great reasons why you should complete a summer internship as a high school student. It’s never too early to start thinking seriously about these positions! Talk to your counselor or look online for internship opportunities in your area.

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