Three Reasons to Check Out Your Nearest Community College

Brick building with text: 3 reasons to check out your nearest community collegeYou may have a list of four year colleges and universities you’re planning on applying to, but that doesn’t mean you should skip checking out your nearest community college. Community colleges are, sadly, often overlooked when they have a lot to offer.

Here are three reasons you’ll want to stop by and take a look:

A Solid Backup Plan

If you don’t get into your dream college or your other choices, do you have a backup plan? Many students who don’t get in to their first choice school on their first try or are waitlisted choose to attend a community college while they wait to apply again the following semester or year. When trying to get into a four year school, you don’t want to skip a year without a plan. Taking courses at your nearest community college and scoring well can show your potential future college you’re dedicated to your education but also dedicated to attending their school.

By checking the community college out now, you can save time. You’ll be able to make a decision quickly if you don’t get into your first choices and none of your other potentials excite you. And this way, you are still working towards your degree while you wait.

You Can Save Money By Attending the Nearest Community College

Community colleges are usually quite affordable. Additionally, being in-state, you’re also able to take advantage of those lower tuition rates. If you decide that a four year college is too expensive over the entire four year period, attending a community college in the first two years can help you save money. In some cases, this could be tens of thousands of dollars.

When looking at your local community college, take a look at the tuition prices and also what you can expect to spend on books, supplies, travel, and other expenses. This will help you determine whether or not it is a good choice for your wallet.

You May Decide to Take Summer Courses

In the summer after you graduate high school and before you move into your college dorm, do you have plans? If you’re not working or traveling, you might want to consider the benefits of taking summer courses at your nearest community college.

This jump on your education can help you skip preliminary courses at your future school and help you earn your degree even faster. However, before you sign up for courses, make sure the credits will transfer between the schools!

These are just three great reasons you should check out your nearest community college. They can be great supplements to your education or a good backup choice. Community colleges also give you the chance to work towards your degree while saving money. Just always double check credits will transfer if you have a college or university in mind for your future!

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