5 Interesting Gifts for Biology Majors

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As the study of life, biology is a wildly important field. That’s why biology majors are so important! Whether their focus is on the environment, human body, or zoology, biologists play an important role in understanding and preserving our world. So reward the future biologists in your life with a little present. Here are 5 interesting gifts for biology majors.

Seratonin Necklace by Rosa Vila

Seratonin necklaceSeratonin is often connected with “happiness” and “wellbeing,” which makes its molecular structure a perfect yet definitely unique necklace design! Not everyone will understand the meaning at first sight, but your biology major most certainly will. Offered by Rosa Vila Jewelry, the necklace is available in Silver Tone, Rose Gold Tone, Gold Tone, and Carbon Black. It measures 19” by 1.5” by .5”.

Brain Cell (Neuron) Plush by Giant Microbes

Giant Microbes brain cell plushIf your biology major loves stuffed animals, they’ll surely be a fan of this Brain Cell Plush by Giant Microbes. In the shape of a neuron, it’s definitely a humorous gift that will be appreciated, but also educational! And once they graduate, it will make a great addition to their office or classroom. Depending on their biology focus, they may want a different plushie! They also have: body cells, an amoeba, a T4 Bacteriophage, and more! Even the not-so-cute-and-cuddly E. coli plush looks a little more adorable with some googly eyes on it.

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

The Origin of SpeciesYou can’t go wrong with a book for a biology major! This classic, The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, is sure to be a hit. Even if they’ve already read The Origin of Species, it’s an absolute must for their own collection (and yours if you don’t already have it!). This is especially the case if they’re intending to go down a zoology path. The version of this book is the 150th Anniversary Edition in mass market paperback, but the piece is also available on audio book or Kindle. Darwin’s theory revolutionized the scientific world, and is still relevant to this day!

Genetic Testing Kit by AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA genetic kitNot just for Mother’s and Father’s Days, this Genetic Testing Kit by AncestryDNA can be wonderful for a biology major. They can delve deeper into their ancestry and 26 personal traits. They can also see how their genes are all over the world with historical insights and specific regions, add to their family tree, make connections with distant relatives, and more. Not only can they show you which countries your ancestors hailed from, but which regions within those countries! Talk about in-depth.

The Biology Coloring Book by Robert D. Griffin

Biology Coloring BookColoring is always great for nerves and stress, and tests for a biology major can get stressful quick. If they need a break between study sessions or a bit of relaxation after an exam, a coloring book can be a perfect addition to their desk. This biology themed one by Robert D. Griffin can do just the trick! Not only does it have wonderfully detailed pictures to color, it also provides educational material within each page that can help with study.

If you’re looking for that perfect gifts for biology majors in your life, these five can absolutely be winners! Each one is unique and will let the receiver know you support them in their decision to study biology.

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