6 Interesting Gifts for Engineering Majors

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Engineering majors are the future builders, designers, and makers that the world desperately needs. Given the demand for engineers of all kinds, it’s no surprise that it’s a very popular major and profession. Reward someone’s hard work with these 6 great gifts for engineers or engineering majors. 

3D Wooden Puzzle by Sharp Brain Zone

  • Comes with 54 puzzle pieces, 1 wooden stand
  • Is a fun brainteaser that can develop spatial skills

3D wooden puzzle cube and pieces by Sharp Brain Zone. Click to visit its Amazon page.Reminiscent of block games like Tetris, this 3D wooden puzzle will entertain and amuse any student who loves engineering. Comprised of 54 individual pieces–primarily t-shapes and line blocks–it’s designed to fit together as a cube…if you can figure it out.

In addition to the puzzle pieces themselves, it also comes with a three-corner standee to keep the cube’s shape as you construct it. The sturdy wooden construction provides both durability and a decorative aesthetic.

Study breaks are good for the mind, and engineering students can toy with this brainteaser in between review sessions. 

Engineer Mug by This Wear

  • 11 oz ceramic mug
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

White mug with Engineer "nutritional facts" label by This Wear. Click to visit its Amazon page.Studying and caffeine go hand in hand. Set up like a nutritional facts label, this funny mug features everything you love about engineering majors. It features witty lines like “Amount Per Serving: Multiple Revisions” and “Percent Daily Serving: Critical Thinking…1000%.” Everyone loves a good inside joke; engineering students will laugh at this relatable gag mug.

Its image is designed to last, withstanding multiple washes. Additionally, the engineering “facts” are printed on both sides of the mug face. The large C-handle is nice and easy to grip, too. Want a bigger option? This Wear also has a 15 oz version in a slightly different, rounder shape. 

This may just become a student’s lucky mug!

Suspension Multi-Plier by Gerber

  • Contains 12 integrated tool components
  • Has a lock system for safety

Gray multi-plier by Gerber with various tools extended. Click to visit its Amazon page.Mechanical Engineers, this one’s for you. Students who love to tinker around and will absolutely adore this Suspension Multi-Plier from Gerber. It has everything they need in a handy fold-and-lock design that tucks away easily without getting heavy or burdensome. From pliers, to pocket knives, to scissors, and more, this little tool has it all.

The multi-plier fits neatly into a backpack, purse, or pocket so they can carry it around anywhere they go. It also features a convenient carrying case and slides onto a belt so it’s always ready to use whenever they are. Its lightweight, stainless steel handle is actually inspired by Portland suspension bridges! 

With this tool in hand, students will be ready for whatever the classroom throws at them.

Low Temp Stirling Engine by Sunnytech

  • Runs smoothly and quietly
  • Made of carbon, nickel-plated carbon, and stainless steel, glass, bronze, PVC foam, and plastics

Silver Stirling engine wheel by Sunnytech. Click to visit its Amazon page.This model puts the engine back into engineering. Does your engineering major love tinkering around with mechanical toys? This low-temp Stirling engine is exactly what they need to keep themselves amused and intrigued. Not only is it a unique desk piece, it’s actually functional. Set it atop a mug of steaming coffee (maybe even that Engineer mug we talked about earlier) and watch the machine go. When the wheel slows, the coffee’s cool enough to drink. 

Sunnytech offers four different options, with varying colors and designs. What they all have in common, however, is oil-free operation. The parts all run silently, too, so students don’t have to worry about bothering their roommates with noise.

It’s certainly a unique gift that will have everyone talking, and dying to try it out.

Novelty Math Socks by HAPPYPOP

  • Fit men size 7-13 and women size 9-12
  • Made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane

Black socks with mathematical formulas and symbol designs by Happypop. Click to visit its Amazon page.Engineering is all about math and logic, but who says that can’t be colorful? These fun novelty socks by Happypop bring some whimsy to the wearer. The socks feature mathematical signs and symbols that engineering majors work with regularly. These socks are sure to keep their feet warm with a fashionable flair.

Interested in a different design? Happypop has a multitude of colorful selections to choose from. There are cats with glasses, rocketships with astronauts, and constellations too. These nerdy and bright designs are certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

Socks are a classic gift for a reason, everyone loves a good sock.

3D Pen by 3D Doodler

  • “Ink” is heated plastic that hardens instantly
  • Kit includes: 3D Pen, 50 plastic strands, power adapter, guide, and tools

Student constructing a Ferris wheel with a 3D pen by 3Doodler. Click to visit its Amazon page.This innovative pen brings drawing to a whole new level. It is a 3D printing pen that can draw at any angle imaginable. It comes with 50 plastic strands in an assortment of materials and colors. This is the perfect gift for any engineering major who loves to create and draw things by hand. It could even be a great way to test project sketches. 

The creative possibilities are practically endless, and a good future-engineer will have plenty of ideas to work with. Easy to use and completely non-toxic, this 3D pen will be the talk of the dorm floor.

What would you make with a 3D doodler?

If you’ve got an engineering major in your life, reward their hard studying with a little gift. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture.

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