5 Interesting Gifts for Science Majors

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Telescope and night sky with text: science gifts for science majors

From biology, to chemistry, to mechanical engineering, to physics and more, science is a broad and fascinating field. Science majors are the unsung heroes of college. No matter their specific field or focus, these 5 items make great gifts for the science majors in your life. Show your favorite future scientist some love with one (or more) of these interesting science gifts.

American Scientific Caffeine Beaker Mug

American Scientific beaker mug science giftsAh, sweet, sweet caffeine. The lifeblood of college students everywhere. Made of heat-resistant glass, this beaker features a caffeine molecule on one side with graduated measurements on the other. Up to 400 millimeters! Great for scientists and coffee fans alike. This gift is perfect for students who have early morning classes or late night study sessions. 

Socks n Socks 5 Pair Science Socks

Socks n Socks science socks science giftsThese are smarter than your average socks.  In fact, these socks offer more than just warmth with reinforced toes and heels. They feature scientific themes that are perfect for those who want a little bit of smart fun in their wardrobe. The socks are made from sweat-resistant, breathable Turkish cotton. They have that include microbes, nuclear energy, space, molecules, and mathematical formulas. Know a budding zoologist or biologist? There’s also an animal-themed set. 

Giant Microbes Waterbear Plush

Giant Microbes waterbear plushie science giftsTardigrades, also known as waterbears and moss piglets, are absolutely facinating. Celebrate the hardy little creature with this cute plush replica. It comes complete with eight legs and an adorable face. Make sure you take it with you when you go to the Antarctic, outer space, or just home on the weekends. This plush cuddly waterbear is just what you need to stress-squeeze something. Don’t worry, it can take it. Interested in a different plush? Giant Microbes has a wide selection—from a brain cell, to T4 bacteria, to DNA helix. Whichever you pick, it’s bound to be cute—even the yellow fever one. 

Dawhud Direct Solar System Fleece Blanket

Dawhud Direct solar blanket science giftsThis fleece blanket depicts the solar system and will keep you warm on the coldest of nights. Whether you’re watching Star Wars or just trying to study for your science finals, bundle up. Warm, fuzzy, and fabulous, this Dawhud Direct Solar System Fleece Blanket is perfect for future astronomers and scientists in general. It’s made of 100% polyester, and is machine washable. The blanket is 50″ x 60″. You could say this blanket is out of this world. 

National Geographic Crystal Growing Kit

National Geographic crystal kit science giftsEven college students need to take a break every once in a while. Why not make that break interesting? This colorful kit comes with everything a person needs to grow crystals in their dorm room. It has detailed instructions and silicone growth chambers for your convenience. In addition to the kit, National Geographic includes 5 real gemstones and a booklet about crystals. Once your experiment is complete, you’ll have 8 colorful crystal clusters. Decorate your room with them, or give them out as gifts! 

Show your favorite science major how much you love them with these great science gifts.

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